San Miguel Beach San Antonio Zambales - A Weekender's Fun

Beach Flags at San Miguel Beach
The San Miguel Beach

About three kilometers from the town of San Antonio Zambales is the sandy beach of San Miguel. It is a part of the long stretch of Zambales shoreline facing the South China Sea. Its waters are clean because of its perfect location away from industrial cities; a fishing village famous for its abundance squid catch. Pusit  Festival (Squid Festival) was celebrated here during the months of April as well as Layag Festival. 

The serene beach of San Miguel 

How Come Nobody's Around?

The beach wasn't crowded compared to the beaches in San Antonio. I've been to the famous coves of Pundaquit as well such as Anawangin and Talisayin. Yes! This is a place for me, away from the maddening crowd. I couch surfed at my sister's place here in San Miguel and spent three nights to experience how local folks live here.

Early in the morning, I made footprints in the sand till I reached the "bulungan" or the fish port whisperers area where fisherfolks sell their catch to wholesalers. It was fun to watch the whispering system of auction. I walked passed the bulungan going to the beach, the sand wasn't hot because the sun just started to rise. With fervor, I swam through the waves of the sea like a child again.

Sunset at San Miguel Beach Zambales
Sunset at San Miguel Beach

Enjoying my solitude at the beach, I ended up walking to the southern part of San Miguel and reached the delta of Pamatawan River. Beside the Pamatawan River was the only beach resort in the area - the Arirang Beach Resort. Its strategic location, in my opinion, is perfect because of the river beside it. You can swim in the river when you get tired of the waves and salty water as well as paddle surfing.

Pictorial at San Miguel Beach
I found the perfect place for photo ops.

A few more hours later the beach people arrived. The place became a little bit crowded for a while. Then they started to leave riding on a boat. I realized this is also a jump off going to the islands and coves in San Antonio Zambales.

How To Get to San Miguel Beach

From Manila ride a victory from Pasay, Cubao, or Caloocan terminal. Stop at San Antonio town proper then get a tricycle to San Miguel Beach.

Where to Stay

You can pitch your tent at the beach or check in at Arirang Beach Resort.

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