Mayantoc Tarlac - Trekking Adventure to Kiti Calao Falls

Coined as the Summer Capital of Tarlac, Mayantoc town is a haven for the outdoorsy. Its land area, particularly the mountainous part, is still covered by lush forest. Mayantoc town was once the biggest barangay in Camiling Tarlac until January 17, 1917. The abundance of Yantoc (rattan) in the area made up its official name. Several outdoor activities such as camping, mountaineering, biking, swimming, and rafting are available in this town.

Kalao Falls Mayantoc Tarlac
Calao Falls

Mauban Falls - One of the Wonders of Morong Bataan

Once again, Morong town in Bataan amazed us with its diverse natural attractions with its nice beaches, rock formations, thick forest, clean rivers, and waterfalls; Morong is a perfect getaway for the weekend. Let's wander the forested part of Barangay Nagbalayong and visit one of its hidden waterfalls - the Mauban Falls.

Mauban Falls Morong Bataan
The Mauban Falls

Pitas Island - Sidetrip to Silangin Cove Adventure

Silanguin Cove in Zambales is the farthest cove to explore from Subic-Olongapo, and Barangay Pundaquit in San Antonio, Zambales' jump off. Others prefer to go by land, climbing Mt. Cinco Picos traverse to Silanguin. Whichever you prefer, both have nice scenic views to feed your hungry eyes. 

Pitas Island Silanguin Cove
Pitas Island Zambales

The Mouth of Hell in Botolan, Zambales - Philippines

Have you ever read the Divine Comedy from the Italian poet Dante or set an eye to the group work of a French sculpture, Auguste Rodin? What about 'Darvaza' the fiery crater that has been burning in the desert of Turkmenistan since 1971? If Portugal has 'Boca do Inferno,' the Philippines in the province of Botolan has its own 'Mouth of Hell.'

The Gate of Hell in the Philippines
The Mouth of Hell's opening in an underwater photography

Palacapac Falls or Veto Falls Adventure in Zambales

Palacapac Falls in Omaya is a booming natural attraction in San Narciso, Zambales. This waterfall can be considered a shared outdoor interest between San Narciso and San Felipe towns because the best and fastest way to reach Palacapac Falls is to pass the barangays of Feria and Balincaguing in San Felipe.

Veto Falls Zambales
The towering Palacapac Falls or Veto Falls

Mt. Susong Dalaga in Olongapo City, Zambales - Playing Tourist Adventure

Mt. Susong Dalaga is located on the outskirts of Olongapo City in the northern part of Sitio Mampueng in Barangay Old Cabalan. Mt. Susong Dalaga is a 'Young Woman's Breast' when translated into English. This mountain is visible in Olongapo City and almost all locals know about it but only a few tried to hike its summit.

Mountains of Olongapo City

Hiking Mt. Pundaquit - Chasing Waterfalls in Zambales

Mt. Pundaquit trekking is a famous activity in Barangay Pundaquit in San Antonio Zambales. This mountain is also an alternative way to Anawangin Cove. Famous for its volcanic white sand and shore almost carpeted by Agoho trees. Our guide told us, the trail to Mt. Pundaquit traversing Anawangin Cove and Talisayin Cove is called Linasin Trail. It has waterfalls that only appear during the rainy season.

Hiking in Zambales
The S-curved cascading waterfalls of Linasin Trail in Mt. Pundaquit Zambales