Slabs Diner and Steakhouse - Where to Eat in Subic

Nachos Slabs Diner Steakhouse Subic
For a starter - Nachos
Another Sunday, another lunch out. Our friend Dorothy came up with a restaurant in Subic, called Slabs Diner and Steakhouse. The big parking lot was empty so we could park almost in front of the front door. A waiter already opened the door but we went to the public playground first. Jace was having the time of his life there.

The Lonely Mt. Bagang

Mt. Bagamo Zambalels
Mt. Bagang San Marcelino Zambales
Mt. Bagang stands at 302 MASL in the midst of Sto. Tomas River in San Marcelino Zambales. A rocky hill west of Barangay Aglao, Barangay Buhawen, and east of Barangay Sta. Fe.

New Feng Huang Seafood Restaurant

Shrimp Siomai Feng Huang Restaurant
Shrimp Siomai
Today I was asked where I wanted to go for lunch and I was willing to try some place we hadn't been before. After using Google I came to New Feng Huang Seafood Restaurant. The pictures were attracting and although the reviews were not all that good I thought we should give it a try.

Beauty and Destruction: San Marcelino, Zambales - In Pictures

Aetas in Zambales
Carabao riders at Dizon Mines

'Zambales mountains are rich in minerals and their slopes are densely forested'. I think I have to correct myself on the latter. Perhaps, it was densely forested in the past, (when mining wasn't rampant in the province of Zambales) not to mention the catastrophic eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 199 causing massive deforestation. Here in San Marcelino town during my adventure trips, I found beauty and destruction brought by nature and the human footprint.

Wild Herbs Restaurant - Where To Eat in Subic

Wild Herbs Restaurant Subic
Looking for the best wine

Every once in a while you get happily surprised. Our friend Dorothy invited us to have a dinner in a restaurant in we had never heard of before. It was an ordinary weekday and since it was a rush hour we had a hard time getting public transport. However, in the end, we managed and boy was it worth the effort!

Mapanuepe Lake: The Loch Ness Lake in Zambales

Lake Mapanuepe Loch Ness Lake Zambales
A Lake in Brgy Aglao and Brgy Buhawen San Marcelino, Zambales

Myriad stories of supernaturalism spread about this lake in Zambales. 'Mermaid' is said to be lurking in its waters as well as 'Kapre' on a tree close to the lake's shore. Deaths due to drowning were claimed to have been done by the mythical creatures. But these stories didn't prevent us from visiting Mapananepe Lake.

Staycation at Samba Bluewater Resort - Inflatable Island

Inflatable Island Subic Bay
Sunset at Inflatable Island in Subic Bay

It has been a year now that Olongapo City has its attractive Inflatable Island. Our friend had duties at home so she asked if we could take her son there. First thing I noticed was that the place is only 10 minutes away from home. But there was something else I had noticed while we discussed the option: The very high entrance fee people have to pay. Nevertheless, we went on our way.