Tikip Falls - Playing Tourist Hiking in Bataan

Bataan province is truly blessed with outdoor tourist attractions. A great escape to its natural waterfalls, forest reserves, beaches, and historical places will be a worthwhile experience when feeding your wanderlust. Four-hour bus rides from Metro Manila; you can indulge on the scenic mountains of Limay Bataan with blissful waterfalls as a happy ending.

Trekking in Bataan
Tikip Falls

Tikip Falls - The Less Visited Waterfalls in Bataan

Compared to Pasukulan Falls in Abucay, Limutan Falls in Bagac, and Kairukan Falls in Morong, Tikip Falls is considered inferior. Not everyone knows that Limay has its series of hidden waterfalls. Because of this little secret, Tikip Waterfalls is special.

Waterfalls in Bataan
Tikip Plunge Pool is inviting
Tikip Falls water source comes from Mt. Limay or commonly called Mt. Cayapo. 798 meters above sea level mountain east of Mt. Mariveles, and south of Mt. Samat in the north. A nice view of these neighboring mountains is visible when trekking Tikip Falls.

Mt. Samat view when Trekking Tikip Falls
Mt. Samat - the Shrine of Valor is visible.
Tikip Falls hiking in Bataan
Looking west is the Mt. Mariveles
We have visited three waterfalls. The first waterfall can be reached right after you go downhill towards Limay River. The rest of the waterfalls were few meters upstream; the highest and also the deepest was the one downstream.

Bataan Waterfalls
Tikip Falls - Swim in its cold waters.

The plunge pool of the waterfall where we stayed longer was 10 feet deep and has a vertical drop of approximately 12 feet.

How to Get to Tikip Falls

From Manila, Take the Genesis Bus or Bataan Transit heading to Mariveles. Alight at Tundol in Reformista, Limay Bataan. Your landmarks will be the Petron Gas Station and Caranzo Building. Travel time takes three to four hours.

Tikip Falls Jump Off Point
Drop off point to Tikip Falls
From Tundol, ride a tricycle and tell the driver that you are alighting at the drop off point of Tikip Falls; your landmark will be the "irrigation" under a huge mango tree. Travel time is 15 minutes.

Bataan Hiking
The start of the trek
You will reach a junction after a ten-minute walk. Take the road on the right until you reach a dead end leading to a hiking trail. Trekking time is more or less an hour depending on pace.

Trekking in Limay Bataan
The trail to Limay River where Tikip Falls is situated

Nearby Attractions

After a quick visit to Tikip Falls, you can continue touring the Shrine of Valor (Dambana ng Kagitingan) on top of Mt. Samat in Pilar Bataan or proceed to Dunsulan Falls also in Pilar Bataan.

Botolan Wildlife Farm - Playing Tourist in Botolan Zambales

A joyride to Zambales with a travel buddy from Rizal Province, Sir Ed, led us to this zoo in the town of Botolan called the "Botolan Wildlife Farm". We were in search of a nice beach that day but we decided to have a short stay at this zoo because we spotted a sign along the highway. This wildlife farm is located on the eastern side of town in Barangay San Juan, just before reaching an Aeta community close to Camp Kainomayan.

Wildlife Marker in Botolan Zambales
The Botolan Wildlife Farm Marker

Tukal Tukal Falls in Botolan Zambales - Playing Tourist Adventure

"Yours to Discover" is a slogan currently being used by the local Tourism Department of Botolan in Zambales, Philippines. It focuses on eco-tourism highlighting Tukal Tukal Falls (Hagdan Hagdanan Falls) and Mt. Pinatubo Crater Lake between the mountain ranges of Zambales, Pampanga, and Tarlac in Central Luzon. Enticed by the viral pictures of Tukal Tukal Falls circling the internet, I joined a group of blogger friends headed by Fredi-Rex to explore the newly discovered waterfalls of Zambales.

Yours to Discover Botolan Zambales
The Tukal Tukal Falls (Hagdan Hagdanan Falls)

Exploring Butig Falls in Olongapo City

Butig Falls are series of small waterfalls far north of Sitio Banca Bancaan in Gordon Heights Olongapo City. It's just a three-hour hike to and from the jump-off at Banca Bancaan Aeta Tribe. Outdoor lovers will experience trekking the mountains of Olongapo. This two to three-minute read will guide you directions on how to get to the waterfalls. To those who aren't exactly "outdoorsy", read on and spread the news to your friends who are outdoor enthusiasts! 

Butig Falls Olonogapo City
Butig Falls in Olongapo City

Magalawa Island - Things to Do and How to Get There

Magalawa Island Resort
The Sandbar of  Magalawa Island

The province of Zambales boasts several tourist attractions. From hiking the mountains of Redondo Peninsula in the South (Mt. Cinco Picos, Mt. Balingkilat) and Mt. Tapulao's peak in the North also the islands and coves such as Capones and Potipot, to name a few. Up north of Zambales there is an island less visited by weekenders a few years back, and is now becoming a tourist attraction packed with people, especially on holidays. This is the Magalawa Island.

Kairukan Falls - A Day Hike in Morong Bataan

One of the wonders of Morong Bataan is the majestic Kairukan Falls located in Sitio Kanawan in Barangay Binaritan. Its waters flow from Mt. Silangan, part of Bataan National Park, a forest reserve established in 1945. Hiking to the heart of Mt. Kairukan is a jaw-dropping experience because of its dense trees and undergrowth. Its diverse flora and fauna are similar to the trekking experience to Pasukulan Falls in Mt. Natib on the northeastern part of Bataan’s National Park.

Waterfalls of Bataan
The Kairukan Falls in Morong Bataan

Pundaquit Falls – Side Trip to Zambales Islands and Coves

Pundaquit Falls Source
Does it look like the Pundaquit Falls?

Traveling to Zambales during summer is an awesome thing to do due to its grandiose beaches, islands, and coves. From Sta. Cruz' Hermana Menor Island in the north to Silanguin Cove in the south, this province is really abundant with places for summer getaways. Rain or shine, Pundaquit in San Antonio town has been an all-time favorite.