Playing Tourist Adventure in Balungao, Pangasinan

We were invited by co-workers to accompany them for a day tour in the province of Pangasinan where 600 meters and 1.4-kilometer zip-line can be found. In the town of Balungao, the booming tourist attraction of "Balungao Hilltop Adventure" offers not only zip lines but also ATV rides, Hiking, and Hot and Cold Springs. Bungee Trampoline is not yet available though on their website and flyer it is being advertised. 

Balungao Hilltop Pangasinan Zipline
Balungao Hilltop Adventure

President Ramon Magsaysay Ancestral Home - Castillejos, Zambales

About 100 meters away from our home is the Ancestral House of the late President Ramon Magsaysay. For almost 15 years since it was renovated and reconstructed by the local government, with the effort and support of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, the memories of our beloved President Ramon Magsaysay was re-lived. Every day I pass here, had played with friends hide and seek when I was a kid. Yes, this place was once my playground and I can still remember how it looks like before its restoration - almost dilapidated and neglected.

I finally had an idea to be a tourist in my own town. Funny but true, Sunday afternoon August 24, 2014 when some of my friends from the City (Olongapo City) decided to take a trip and take a glance at what’s inside this historical house. Ironically, I myself didn’t even know what’s inside of it now. When we arrived,  the curator approached us with a smile and told us to sign in on the visitor's logbook. Then the group started looking around.

Ramon Magsaysay Museum
The ground floor