President Ramon Magsaysay Ancestral Home - Castillejos, Zambales

About 100 meters away from our home is the Ancestral House of the late President Ramon Magsaysay. For almost 15 years since it was renovated and reconstructed by the local government, with the effort and support of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, the memories of our beloved President Ramon Magsaysay was re-lived. Every day I pass here, had played with friends hide and seek when I was a kid. Yes, this place was once my playground and I can still remember how it looks like before its restoration - almost dilapidated and neglected.

I finally had an idea to be a tourist in my own town. Funny but true, Sunday afternoon August 24, 2014 when some of my friends from the City (Olongapo City) decided to take a trip and take a glance at what’s inside this historical house. Ironically, I myself didn’t even know what’s inside of it now. When we arrived,  the curator approached us with a smile and told us to sign in on the visitor's logbook. Then the group started looking around.

Ramon Magsaysay Museum
The ground floor

On the ground floor, formerly the storeroom of the house, displayed are the Barong Tagalog, Medals and Honors, cases, and shoes among other items.

Magsaysay Dining Table
The dining area. From left to right - Larry, Ron, and Katya
On the second floor is a living room, bedroom, dining area, and comfort room. We observed strict compliance not to sit on the chairs and such because the furniture and fixtures have to be preserved. The curator allowed us to sit-fake on the chairs though, during pictorials.

President Magsaysay Turntable
Turntable and a Radio

Beside the house is the area where his Cadillac and military car was placed and secured.

Magsaysay Car
The leisure and the military vehicle - which one to ride on?

Ancestral Home Zambales
The balcony
Before leaving the house of the "Idol of the Masses", we asked the curator if we need to pay for the visit but he said it is for free, though they accept donations. By the way, house visit is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 8 AM to 4 PM - a nice side trip when visiting Pundaquit Beaches.

Here's a link to a blog post with more pictures of President Magsaysay's personal items and pictures of the vicinity. (Click here)

Story shared by Ronaldo Gaton


  1. sarap balikan at gunitain ang kasaysayan ni magsaysay,,!!

  2. I just said its a mind blowing, I did not find any chance to visit there. I have no idea about it before after vising your blog post I get some knowledge about it and I have a plan to visit there once in my life. Now, I am planning to enjoy the buses to boston from dc tour with my friends list. through his tour I want to explore the White house, Jefferson memorial, National art gallery. Have you ever experienced it if not I make sure must enjoy it.


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