Capistrano Falls - The Twin Waterfalls of Olongapo City

It was a good yet special Sunday when my friends and I decided to do something aggressive, vigorous and fun, then all of a sudden we talked about Christian's hike at Talisayin Cove and Larry’s’ trip to some various waterfalls around our locale. Of course, I have had my own journey but not as exciting as they have had. Then we finally decided to go to one of the most hidden waterfalls in the city, probably five to seven kilometers away from the city proper.

Capistrano Falls Hiker
Ron and Larry

We had our trip at exactly 1:00 in the afternoon and then started to walk and follow the trail as we went on our way. While walking and heading to the summit of the mountain, where Capistrano Farm is situated, we took some funny shots and we played music that lightened up our faces to forget how tiring it was.  We climbed up and down while walking on straight and curved trails with tall grasses, crawled and jumped and it was really fun. We trekked and hiked for two hours before reaching the waterfalls.  By then I was mesmerized how wonderful it was. It is approximately 120 feet tall waterfalls; a ten story building high pouring water down so vividly loud!

Subic Bay in the background
Olongapo - Subic Bay in the background.

Then we started to take pictures of the wonderful and relaxing gift of nature. The crystal clear water is magnificently refreshing and every single moment is priceless. All of the hard work paid off. Capistrano Waterfalls is a piece of paradise on a patch of earth.

Capistrano Farm in Olongapo City
Capistrano Farm

How to get to Capistrano Falls

From Jollibee Rizal Triangle, we took a beige jeep bound to Gordon Heights all the way to Block 27.  Block 27 is the jump-off to Capistrano Waterfalls.  We then asked the locals about the place and they instructed us to take the rough road to the left before the road ends. After fifteen minutes of walking, we crossed a river at the foot of a hill. This was the start of a one and a half hour hiking, traversing tall grasses and intricate trails that lead into one destination - the Capistrano Farm.

Capistrano Farm is a private property owned by Captain Capistrano of West Bajac-Bajac. The caretaker together with his wife greeted us with a smile and asked where we are going. The couple then gave us instructions and warned us about Makahiya and other shrubs with thorns along the way.

Olongapo City Waterfalls
The Twin Waterfalls
capistrano falls
Capistrano Falls' plunge pool

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