Martin Fallls - Tabacuhan Sta. Rita, Olongapo City

Finally, we had the chance to see the hidden waterfalls of Tabacuhan in Sta. Rita, Olongapo City.  Martin Falls is new to us considering we've been living in this city for a long time.  It is located on a mountain ranges between Gordon Heights, Tabacuhan, and Old Cabalan (we don't know the name of the mountain though).  The opposite side of this waterfalls lies the Mampueng Falls, it was great that we come to find not only one waterfall in the city!

The Martin Falls - Olongapo City
Anton, hesitant to jump
Our journey started in Olongapo City at the brown jeepney terminal going to Forestry Old Cabalan.  By 9'0clock we were already at our jump-off which is the end of Bennette Road.  We crossed the shallow river of Forestry and followed the path instructed by local people.

Hikers in Olongapo City
Asking for directions...
Of course, we brought our food and water which is a must in a trekking like this.  After crossing the river we finally found paths to Martin Falls.  It was a bit confusing because there was more than one path and we found ourselves arguing which one leads to our destination.  But then we saw a house a few hundred meters away from us and decided to ask the people who live there.

Snapshots of Martin Falls Trekking
Finally, the Martin Falls

Not only once but thrice we asked the locals for directions.   The way on getting to the waterfalls became easier after we asked direction from the first nipa hut.  The only thing we stopped and ask locals is to know whether we are already close to the said waterfalls.  It took us half an hour before we reached a house with a sari-sari store.  The owner told us that we will just follow a trail, the coconut palm as our landmark.  We were told that we have to cross an opening of the waterfalls like a cave.  We were surprised when we arrived at the opening for the water was muddy!  It was summer that time and it rained the other night so it must have been the reason for the untidy water.

The Muddy part of the waterfalls
Crossing the opening of the hidden waterfalls
After crossing the untidy waters, we were able to see Martin Falls.  The waterfalls would have been better during the rainy season because the torrent isn't that great and the water is dirty.  We visited this place last June and was too late to post on this blog.  Though water flows throughout the year, it is recommended to visit the place in the months of August to October to appreciate the beauty of the waterfalls. 

Martin Falls in the background
Before leaving the waterfalls

We left the place at11 AMM because the place isn't that great then.  It took us more than an hour to reach Mabayuan in Sta. Rita, Olongapo City.

How to get to Martin Falls:

  • Brown Jeep (Old Cabalan) from Olongapo to Forestry (15-20 minutes ride)
  • Trekking from Bennette Road to Martin Falls (1 hour); don't hesitate to ask the locals - they are friendly!

Our Budget:

  • Php 10/pax - Olongapo City to Forestry
  • Php 150/pax - Food and water
Approximately 3 hours of travel back and forth.

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