The Secret of Pias Falls in Camiling, Tarlac

Pias Falls in Tarlac - Its Secret
The Secret of Pias Falls
Pias Falls is located in Tarlac province, Barangay Papaac Camiling. Amongst the waterfalls in Tarlac, this is probably the least famous because its beauty only comes out during the rainy season. Its waters could be from the famous Ubod Falls or Timmanguyob Falls but not enough to create a perfect torrent during summer. But did you know it has a deep secret?

Pias Falls Jump Off
The jump off to Pias Falls
I visited this waterfall with friends and family members a few years ago during the dry season and we were disappointed on what we saw - it was nothing but a dripping faucet! It was fun though because of the trekking experience we had traversing a river. It was my fault anyway because I insisted on my friends and family to have an adventure in the mountains of Tarlac. I had seen photographs of Pias Falls at Tarlac City Hall and it caught my interest not to mention it is close to where I live. But alas! there are two more waterfalls when you follow the river. These two waterfalls have beautiful torrents year-round according to our guide.''

Waterfalls of Tarlac
Pias Falls during Summer

The jump off  was at Dang Jin Central Community Church. You will pass Barangay Papaac's Basketball Court before reaching the jump off. There were two trails to choose from - follow the river or take the road uphill going to an Aeta community. We had chosen the river walk on our way to Pias Falls then on our return, the road, cleared by the local government. It was a 30 minute riverwalk before we reached the waterfall.

Waterfalls of Tarlac
One of the waterfalls in Papaac Camiling,Tarlac
The Trail to Pias Falls in Tarlac
The grassy terrain to Pias Falls
Pias Falls Cleared Road
The cleared road when you take Dang Jin Central Community Church jump off.
Upon reaching the dry Pias Falls we took some pictures, continued our riverwalk for another 10 minutes and arrived to a waterfall with a nice torrent. It was nice to swim in its cold water. We spent twenty minutes for photo opportunities and then headed next to another waterfall. After about 45 minutes walking we heard a roaring waterfall that made us excited and we walked faster. We had to do a 15 foot climb to get to the waterfall with waters that were so cold. Here we stayed longer and enjoyed the beauty of nature

Pias Falls in Camiling Tarlac
Catherine and Anton enjoying the cold water at the plunge pool.

What to do in Tarlac? When you visit the Province of Tarlac this will be a nice outdoor fun! To those who love biking, swimming, and trekking, it is surely a good place to visit. Come and discover the beauty of Tarlac and let Pias Falls reveal its two secret hidden waterfalls!

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