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Cocolime Subic Bay
The table is set
For several times I already had lunch with friends in Cocolime Specialty Asian Cuisine. This restaurant is located in Subic Bay Freeport Zone near Rizal Highway, and is almost attached to Harbor point Mall.

Subic Bay is still a part of Olongapo City although the name suggests it is a part of Subic municipality. One should not be surprised to find a high class restaurant in this 1st class area of course. Cocolime is specialized in Oriental food like Thai, Indonesian and of course Philippine delicacies. At first sight the location seems to be an inconvenient one since it is so close to the highway and the big Harbor Point Mall. No worries; you’ll hardly be aware of that. Cocolime has managed to make the place a cozy one where you can relax and enjoy your chosen specialty in a pleasant atmosphere. Unlike many places in the Philippines you will find no big TV screens here, nor will you have to shout when placing your order because of noisy music here. Instead you will hear nice background music. 

Dishes at Cocolime
Chicken Inasal, Chicken Barbeque, and Garlic Beef
Cocolime is often crowded, especially during lunch- and dinner hours. Sometimes you will have to wait for a table so you really need to take some time. Nothing is rushed here. Then again, the waiters are really working hard, carrying huge trays with food and drinks. Just to sit here and wait is not a bad thing. There is enough to see and after all it will not take that long. 

Seafood, chicken, and Rice
Inihaw na Pusit, Chicken Sisig, and Bagoong Rice
Whenever I go back to a favorite restaurant I have this tendency to pick the food that I liked there before, over and over again. In Cocolime I cannot hang on to this behavior because there are so many good dishes. Yesterday I felt I had to try a new course and picked grilled chicken together with spring roll and fried rice. Along with the chicken came a small saucer with honey and finely chopped chili. I have only 3 words to comment on it: finger licking good! 

Breadtime Cakes
Our Dessert 
The waiters are always busy, yet they always are friendly and take the time to help you as good as you can expect. ‘Service with a smile’ is a credo that suits perfectly well here. And unlike in most restaurants you will never hear upon entering “Good afternoon, thank you for visiting Cocolime”, nor will somebody say “Please come again” when you are leaving. No robots here, instead you get a true “Welcome” and “Thank you”.

Cocolime in Subic Bay is really a nice place to be and apart from the nice ambiance, good food and excellent service the prices are very affordable, something that is important as well. Rightly Cocolime is rated 4 stars as I saw on some sites. Oh by the way, Cocolime is open at 10AM - 2PM and 5PM - 10PM daily.

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  1. I have had tasted the sumptuous and mouth watering deli's in Cocolime, too. Chicken sisig is my most fave one. ^_^

  2. Have you guys tried eating their pork sisig??

    1. Hi Ms. Girlie, looks like you are fond of Sisig. Their pork sisig is available once in a blue moon. :)

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  4. Amazing blog! Coco lime is one of my favorite places to eat. If you want Filipino Cuisines I recommend this to you, Thanks for sharing! you can also check the food trip in Pampanga :)


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