Texas Joe's Riblets in Subic Bay - A Must Try!

Texas Joe's Subic Bay Riblets
Texas Joe's Riblets
Several times already we have been to Texas Joe’s House of Ribs in Subic Bay, Olongapo City not too far from Ayala Mall, Harbor Point. The place is really big as well inside as outside. Most of the times it is packed with people who enjoy fine dining. And that, of course, is why we like to go there. Sitting outside is lovely because there’s always a fresh breeze and if not the electric fans will the job. The menu is huge so one has many choices to pick from.

Cheapest Coffee in Subic Bay
Texas Joe's Freshly Brewed Coffee
Tonight we both decided to have Riblets; lovely grilled small ribs with a very tasty sauce for only Php 119. Since we like spicy we had to mix it with some hot sauce. We can honestly confirm that this is a finger licking dish. For desert, there are also many choices but we decided to stick to coffee only. It comes with a free refill. Coffee was cheap for Php 59. Their Brisket Dinner though was very expensive for P589. All is served reasonably fast by waiters who all wear boots over their jeans and have leatherheads. Frankly, I pity them because it must be hot. 

Brisket Dinner at Texas Joes
Texas Joe's  Brisket Dinner
Inside there are lots of tables and a big bar. On the right side is a small place where people can wait when all seats are occupied. But as crowded as it can be, it always seems nobody has to wait for a long time. Several Texas Joe items like coffee mugs and hats etc. are displayed in a glass cabinet in front of the big Texas Joe pig statue that seems to welcome everybody.

Texas Joe's House of Ribs in Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Texas Joe's Subic
Texas Joe's Restaurant
Texas Joe's 
The reason we did not opt for a desert is a funny one by the way. The first time we went to Texas Joe's we only had coffee and ordered 2 slices of blueberry cheesecake. And to be frank; one slice of cake was more expensive than a meal. For that amount, I figured we could buy a whole cake. We will never forget that first experience. But ok, the meals are just great and so is the service. Just have the cake at home.

Texas Joe's is a must visit restaurant in Subic Bay. You can drop by at corner McKinley Street Waterfront Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday is 11AM - 10PM and Friday to Sunday is 11AM - 11PM. Oh one more thing; they don't allow reservations. 

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