Pasukulan Falls - A Hidden Gem of Mt. Natib in Bataan

Waterfalls in Bataan
Abucay Bataan's Hidden Gem
For mountaineers, Mt. Natib has been one of the favorite hiking places. A dormant volcano in the province of Bataan with an elevation of 1,253 meters above sea level (MASL). For waterfalls lovers, it is also a good choice because of its magnificent and towering 197 ft. Pasukulan Falls. This waterfall could be the highest among the twelve known natural falls in Bataan, true gem, hidden in the heart of the forest of Mount Natib. The area is within Bataan Natural Park managed by Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Pasukulan Falls is located in Abucay, Bataan, though its hiking jump-off is Brgy. Tala in the town of Orani.

Trek to Pasukulan Falls via Pinagbutasan Trail

The group's meeting place was at "Orani Crossing". There were tricycles waiting so we hired two trikes for seventy pesos for each passenger to Barangay Hall, but we dropped by first at the Army Camp where we registered on their visitor's log book. It took us 20 minutes from Orani crossing to the Army Camp, and 5 minutes to the Barangay Hall. At the Barangay Hall, we were required to pay seventy pesos for Environmental Fee.

Pasukulan Falls Army Camp Registration
The Army Camp in Barangay Tala
Hike Pasukulan Falls
The grassland trail to Pasukulan and Mt. Natib
Eager to reach the waterfalls, we started our hike with our guide Jay dela Junta; the teenage son of Wilfredo dela Junta who's supposed to guide us. Kuya Wildredo wasn't able to make it that day so he entrusted his son to do the task. We left the jump off at 9 AM and reached Tala Viewdeck at 9:35 AM; had our snack, took some pictures while the group enjoyed the cool breeze of the month of February. At 10:30 AM, we reached a campsite (water source) where we took a break and momentarily ceased from our strenuous activity.

Viewdeck to Mt. Natib
A gazebo at Tala Viewdeck
Tala Viewdeck
The Tala Viewdeck 
Mt. Natib's Peak
Mt. Natib's Peak as seen from Tala Viewdeck
Refreshed and rested at the campsite, we continued our seemingly unending trek to the waterfalls. Almost one and a half hours we walked, a downward trail paved by human footfalls was visible that lead to Pasukulan.

Water Source - Mt. Natib
The Campsite - Water Source
In the picture, a downhill path to the left leads to Pasukulan
Leaving the track to Mt. Natib's summit, we took the downward trail on the left to the waterfalls. This was the most tiresome part of the journey because of steep ascents and descents. I remember we had to stop for awhile because of a snake encounter; luckily it was just a small serpent that passed by the trail. We waded several streams then the sound of rushing water became audible.

Pasukulan Falls Trail
The trail was cleared by frequent visitations to the waterfalls.

Tree hinders the trail
A dramatic scene of our hiking

Pasukulan Falls - Revealed

Four hours of trekking and finally we reached the majestic natural waterfalls of Abucay, Bataan. There were two waterfalls that brought our eyes into awe; nature's beauty at its best! Before reaching these waterfalls, we had to descend from a steep trail using rope. The rope was there when we arrived and was probably left there for hiker's safety.

The Beauty of Waterfalls
Pasukulan Falls
Waterfall's green vegetation
I love the green vegetation in the area.
We arrived at 1 o'clock PM and stayed for two hours. Our lunch was nice with the sound of water fall in the background. The water was as cold like what we experienced in Limutan Falls in Bagac Bataan. We left at 3 PM and organized our things, including our trash we put in one plastic so we could throw it properly when we reached Barangay Tala.

Waterfall Swimming Pool
The Plunge Pool

It was already dark when we reached the "water source" where we met a group of campers who pitched their tents there. We learned that in the morning they will set to hike to Mt. Natib's peak. Our mobile phone's flashlight was the only source of light on our way back. At 8 PM we reached the restaurant at the jump-off for our Goto dinner.

Pasukulan Falls Expenses

  • Php 800.00 for the group's guide fee.
  • Php 70.00 per head for environmental / entrance fee
  • Php 70.00 per head for tricycle fare from Orani intersection to Tala Registration Office.
  • Php 100.00 per head for tricycle fare - Tala Registration Office to Orani intersection (night time).

Pasukulan Falls in Bataan is definitely a must visit waterfalls! If you have decided for a hike, contact Mr. Darwin at 09988623106 (DENR Office).

Getting To Pasukulan

From Manila: Take Victory Liner Bus bound to Balanga City. Alternatively, you can take Bataan Transit or Genesis Bus bound to Mariveles, Bataan. Alight at Orani Junction or tell the driver you are going to Sinagtala. From Orani Junction, take a trike and tell the driver to take you to the Army Camp for Pasukulan Falls trekking registration before proceeding to the Barangay Hall.

Location Map

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