Playing Tourist at Limutan Falls - Bagac Bataan

This time we trekked at Limutan Falls in Barangay Binukawan Bagac, Bataan. It took us almost two hours before reaching these impressive waterfalls through rough terrain and scorching heat. We had to stop twice to rest and cool down under tree shades along the way.  There are fruit bearing trees like guava and cashew that we picked and ate beside the road. 

Ambon Ambon Falls
The road is rough and dusty

Ambon Ambon and Limutan Falls
Francis picking Cashew
Limutan Falls Bataan
Paul and his Guava
When we reached the waterfalls it was already past 11 AM.  We rested a bit before having our lunch and took the plunge in the icy water.  The fall is about 20 meters high and 6 feet deep but when we visited the place there was a big log at the plunge pool.  Our guide told us that the water of this fall comes from Mount Natib in Barangay Tala Orani, Bataan.

Ambon Ambon Falls water source
Limutan Falls
As a side trip, we went downstream to visit a small waterfall with a nice pool where we continued our swim and to see the Ambon-Ambon Falls from the top.  This small waterfall is between the Limutan Falls and Ambon-Ambon Falls.  

Ambon Ambon Falls
Enjoying the small waterfall with a nice pool about 6 feet deep.
Before we started our trek we paid P50 pesos for the Entrance Fee and P100 pesos for the guide. We stopped at DENR Office for the orientation of Binukawan Bicol Marketing Cooperative headed by Mr. Carlito Cruz.  For more info about their packages, you can contact him at +639106516218.

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  1. Hi Ms. Kathya,

    I think it is a bit risky because it will be muddy since the terrain was dusty during summer and there are steep paths to pass when you get close to the waterfalls. A rope will help you get through and will probably be provided by the tourguide.


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