Treasure Island, Olongapo City

Treasure Island Hotel and Restaurant
Treasure Island as seen from the road
Along the road that follows Baloy Beach in Barangay Barretto, Olongapo City lies Treasure Island. An ample parking lot is all you’ll see at first but when walking it you will find the resort on your right. A majestic weeping fig (or Benjamin's fig or Ficus tree) at the entry looks fresh and, in a way inviting. The outside area looks quite big and yet it is not overwhelming. The first thing I noticed was a large, nice shaped swimming pool and a huge bar. Good looking tables and comfortable chairs are inviting as well. So, the first impression was a good one. And we didn’t get disappointed. We started with just 2 refreshments while waiting for our friend D. who ordered breakfast. Since it was still relatively early in the morning there were no people in the pool and we decided to have a swim. The pool is very well maintained and has clear fresh water. And not only the pool was well maintained; the whole area was. A janitor goes around all the time checking if all is neat and proper, sweeping away the fallen leaves and small dead fruits from the Ficus tree. 

Treasure Island Restaurant
Our table under the Ficus tree
 After a few hours, the place was pretty crowded but not in a disturbing way. In the pool, on the bar side, are a few seats where you can sit and enjoy your drinks. Sitting there I noticed that the resort’s diving shop had quite some customers. It is of course none of my business but it is good to see satisfied customers. Next to the diving shop are the showers and comfort rooms. Needless to say that they are well kept clean.
Treasure Island Subic's Swimming Pool
Sitting in the pool, enjoying a beer and a chat
Treasure Island also has a floating bar which we only saw from far; we did not go there. Our friend had one comment on it that made some sense. Why was it not made like it looks like a pirate ship? It sure would give the place an extra plus.
Floating Bar Baloy Long Beach
Floating bar
As visitors for one day, I could not see the interiors of the apartments of course but they sure looked good on the outside. 

All and all I only can say this was one the best resorts I have ever seen in the Philippines. And very affordable.
Map of Treasure Island in Baloy Long Beach
Map of Treasure Island

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