How to Get to Banca Bancaan or Bangka Bangkaan Falls - Gordon Heights, Olongapo City

Banca Bancaan Falls or Bangka-Bangkaan Waterfalls is a nice place to go if you want to consider trekking and nature sightseeing in Olongapo City.  The location is Gordon Heights but I've heard some say it is a part of Balic-Balic, Barangay Sta. Rita.  It will be an hour trek from Blk 27 at Gordon Heights (starting point) to Banca-Bancaan.  

Now here's how to get to Banca Bancaan Falls

  1. From Olongapo City Public Market, go to Jollibee Triangle and ride a cream colored Jeep going to Gordon Heights Blk 27.  The fare is P9.00 Pesos.
  2. Upon reaching Blk 27 (starting point) ask the locals about the route to Banca-Bancaan. Easy!

Banca Bancaan Falls landmark
Katherine and her Farm - lol

Trek to Banca Bancaan Falls
No Fishing!
Bangca Bancaan Falls Aeta Community
Resting at the Aeta Community
Banca Bancaan Falls trail
Eroded path close to Banca Bancaan
Bangka Bangkaan Falls
The plunge pool of Banca-Bancaan 

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Here's a link of another Banca-Bancaan trekking from an expat living in the Philippines.

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  1. i looks so beautiful... i hope i can visit that place someday...


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