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Zambales Waterfalls
Sagpat Falls in San Felipe, Zambales

I will share our experience visiting a waterfall located in the same town where Anghalo Falls, Paite Falls, and Ubbog Falls lie. It is in a nearby barangay called Maloma - the northernmost barangay of San Felipe. I learned about Sagpat Falls from a friend on Facebook who lived in this town a few years ago before she moved to Manila.

To Sitio Sagpat Falls
Barangay Maloma
Jump off to Sagpat Falls or Maloma Falls
The Cavalry Chapel is the jump off to Sagpat Falls

I did some research on google on how to get there the night before the trekking but to no avail. Most sites were just photo blog but oh well,  as usual, we would just have to ask direction. From Victory Liner in Olongapo City, the ordinary bus left at 11:30 in the morning.  We told the conductor to drop us at Barangay Maloma, San Felipe. The fare was Php. 69.00 each.  At 12:25 we were already at the covered court across a school where tricycles are waiting for passengers. We asked the driver how much would be the fare and he said it is Php 20.00 per person.  We reached the jump-off to Sagpat Falls after a 25-minute ride.  We then trekked for about 45 minutes on a muddy road. We passed six small creeks so we had the chance to get the mud off our feet. These creeks probably have waters only during the rainy season.

Maloma Falls Trek
One of the many creeks we passed
Maloma Falls Carabao
I would love to ride on his back. lol
Sagpat Falls
We rested for a while under this tree overlooking the waterfalls
There were locals swimming and having picnics when we arrived.  A guy from the group smiled at us and told us to rest for a while because he would show us the second and third tier of the waterfalls.  He said it will be a short climb but a steep one.

Sagpat Falls
So here we are!
Sitio Sagpat Waterfalls
The Majestic Sagpat Falls
From above the view was magnificent.  The climb was worth it because you can see the lush mountains from afar.  Looking down is a bit creepy because the people down the waterfalls look like ants. Not to mention my fear of heights. We spent half an hour taking pictures before we decided to go back. There was no deep plunge pool at the second and third tier anyway.

Sagpat Falls Second Level
The second level of Sagpat Falls in the background
Maloma From Above
Overlooking the Sagpat Falls' Plunge Pool from above

Camping is also possible here. The locals said they sometimes spend the night here to embrace mother nature. We left at 5 PM with the group. We had the chance to get to know each other and one of them offered to go out fishing when we come back so he can give us fresh fish if we ever return for camping.

It was a nice experience to see another waterfall in Zambales. 

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