Guide to Lubong Nangoloan Falls (Anghalo Falls Update)

This updated guide to Lubong Nangoloan Falls or Anghalo Falls came to mind when "playing tourist" recently visited the waterfalls as a side trip of Sitio Liwliwa in San Felipe Zambales day tour.

Lubong-Nangoloan Falls Update

Because we've been to these waterfalls several times since it was introduced by a friend six years ago (2010), we decided to have a visit while our other friends stayed at Liwliwa. We only brought our snacks and our fare for the tricycle back and forth which is two hundred pesos. While traveling to the jump off the driver started talking and he mentioned the change of route to the waterfalls. He also told us that there is an "Entrance Fee" imposed by the local government of San Felipe. We got worried because we only had two hundred pesos with us for the fare which meant we would not be able to see the waterfalls.  The entrance fee was Php 30.000 for adult and Php 20.00 for people of 17 years old and below. We were four in the group so that was P120 pesos.  There are also benches to rent for Php 100, the driver said.

Nangoloan Falls
The Famous Waterfalls of Nangoloan (Anghalo)

Trek to Nangoloan Falls
Easy trek to Nangoloan Falls
I forgot to mention it was raining when we visited, in fact, it was the month of October so we were expecting a strong torrent of the waterfalls. It will be an excellent time of the year to take pictures and swim in the clear water. The new route was flooded, our legs were submerged in the sand but that was for a short while; then a swampy-like area where "Pampas Grass" was cut.  As of the time of writing, I received information that the path is being cemented.  In that case, the 30-minute walk will be shortened.

Nangoloan Falls' River Crossing
The river crossing to Nangoloan Falls
Nangoloan Falls Second Level
The second tier of the waterfalls
Lubong Nangoloan or Anghalo Falls Flash Flood
A snapshot during the flash flood at Lubong-Nangoloan Falls

Lubong River Strong Current
The easy river crossing became risky.
The trek to Nangoloan Falls
The Evacuees
We arrived at the site but we decided to go to the second tier of Anghalo Falls. After having our lunch it started to rain and after about 10 minutes the water started to turn brown and the water rose. A flash flood happened! We were the last group to reach the safe zone. Crossing the river was a bit hard because of the strong current but we made it. The waterfalls were vacated and we found ourselves marching like evacuees towards the jump off. One of the tour guides suggested not to visit the waterfalls during the rainy season - and I definitely agree to that.

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