Paite Falls - San Felipe, Zambales

Waterfalls in Zambales
The curtain-like torrent of Paite Falls

Nature trip? It was Paul, our tour guide on our Anghalo Falls visits a year ago who opened up about a private waterfall of Barangay Paite in San Felipe, Zambales.  It is situated in a private property of Sabangan Family who lives from a nearby barangay - Balingcaguing.  Since it is a private property we have to ask permission from the owner before visiting the place.  Fortunately, the owner's son is a friend of Paul so we got the clearance without a long wait.

Compared to Anghalo Falls and Grotto Falls from the nearby barangay, Paite waterfall has water year round.  Its water is being used for irrigation mostly during summer for crops such as vegetables and rice.  Paite Falls is around 7 feet deep when we measured its depth using a bamboo pole.  We rode a motorcycle; it was approximately 30 minutes from town proper to drop off.  There are Aeta communities in the area displaced by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo.

Zambales landscape
The greenery on our way to the waterfall

From the jump off,  we have to walk for thirty minutes crossing two rivers.  The water is not deep and there were boulders where you can hop to avoid the slippery rocks submerged in the water.  "The path changed" exclaimed Paul causing us to stop and decide which way to take since there are more than two paths along the way.  Luckily, we got the right path.

Zambales Waterfalls
The road along the jump off

We reached the waterfalls, cooled down a bit then enjoyed the water of Paite Falls.

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  1. would love to be in here, the soonest ^_^

  2. Hi Ms. Gilie, you need a guide to get here, you can contact our guide Paul. Please see Anghalo Falls Post on this blog.

  3. I heard there are eels in the water hashtag yikes!!!! I would think twice before swimming there

  4. I heard tour guide paul is looking for love in all the wrong places...

  5. Hi Ms. Dorothy Burnett! We didn't encounter Eels when we swam there, only leech. haha! just kidding. Are you a friend of Paul? It seems you know him too well. :)

  6. Hi po pwedw po makuha contact kay tourguide paul po salamat

    1. Hi, ask for Lolo Johnny Sabangan instead. kilala po siya sa Aeta Community.


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