Cafenderia Waterlily (Cafenderya Waterlily) - Olongapo City

Our friend Dorothy was visiting and I was told she would be the one going to cook. Knowing she cooks fine I could not object. There was a nice chat alternated with the common looks on mobile devices and PC but nobody seemed to make a move to the kitchen. Then it turned out nobody felt like cooking and it was decided to go out for lunch. I was surprised to see that the tricycle did not go into the town proper but stayed rather close to a house instead. We stopped in front of a green gate, partially open. There was a sign saying “open” and above the gate, a signage – Cafenderya (Cafenderia) Waterlily.

Cafenderya Waterlily
Dorothy and Frans

Entering the place I noticed several small common plastic tables in the middle while at the side there was a large wooden one. From behind a small bar, a young guy, dressed casually came to us telling we could pick any table. While I sat down Willie and Dorothy walked to the wall on which the menu was written. It was amazing to see the variety of choices there were. Dorothy chose the Lasagna, Willie opted for the lamb steak and I could not resist the Laing. The water we could get ourselves from a big tank. Actually, it was ‘self-service water’ so to speak. 

Cafenderia Waterlily
The Lasagna was great!
We did not have to wait very long before the food was served. And it was good! Not too much and no extra finery, just plain, simple, and perfect. What else could we ask for? OK, maybe the Gotong Batangas was a little too sweet but that can be a matter of personal taste. Unfortunately, the blueberry cheesecake was out of stock so we had raspberry/chocolate ice cream and Oreo/cheesecake. 

Cafenderia Waterlily customer
Cafenderya Waterlily's Oreo Cheesecake

Next time I definitely will have one of the specialties of the house: a burger. There were many mentioned on the list and much to my surprise they are the most expensive on the menu. But then again, the burgers are what Waterlily is known best for. So I dare to draw the conclusion that if the other food is already good, the burgers must be great. 

Cafenderya Waterlily, 12, 22nd Street, West Bajac Bajac, 2200 Olongapo City, Zambales


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