Playing Tourist at Canding River | Kanding River - San Clemente, Tarlac

It was summer when we visited our friend in Camiling Tarlac.  We got bored and asked kuya Willie if there's a river where we can swim and have a picnic there.  He said he heard about Canding River before but not sure of its location.  His cousin heard our conversation and exclaimed: "I know about Canding River." We looked at him and asked different questions a the same time!

We found out that the Canding River is located in a nearby town of San Clemente in  Barangay of Maasin. The planned swimming spread immediately and almost all the neighborhood wanted to join the fun. We rented a jeepney for P2,000 for the day tour.  We brought our cooked lunch and snacks.  The passenger jeepney was full when we set off at 10:30 in the morning.

Canding River Tarlac
The mountain range

From Camiling Public Market, we took the Tarlac-Pangasinan Road going to San Clemente.  The jeepney then turned left for Barangay Maasin.  The road was partially asphalted and there are times when you needed to cover your nose not to inhale dirt. We passed the Barangay Hall of Maasin as an indication that we are close to the River.

The Road to Canding River
Asphalted road to Canding

Maasin Barangay Hall
We are close...

Canding Falls Road
The country road...

Getting to Canding Falls
The Ipil Ipil Trees as support from road erosion

We reached the River approximately after an hour.  Everyone thought of eating first before swimming. 

picnic canding river
Photo Op while having lunch

canding river san clemente
Glydel kicks of her tail like a mermaid

After lunch, the group rested for a bit.  Some slept under tree shades and some preferred to swim. There were locals who joined and befriended us.  They mentioned about waterfalls 45 minutes to an hour away. If we only knew there was a waterfall we should have gone there immediately after having our lunch.  We did ask the kids on how to get there and decided to visit Canding Falls the soonest.

Canding River San Clemente Tarlac
Sister Grace, Annie and Aunt Totsie

swimming at canding river
They're happy!

Diving at canding river
You can dive in the six feet deep river pool

Canding river swimming
Our simple summer escapade 

We left at four in the afternoon hoping to come back at Barangay Maasin to see the Canding Falls.

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