Hiking in Timmanguyob Falls

Timangguyob Falls or Timmanguyob Falls hiking in San Clemente Tarlac was the farthest and most daring experience we've ever had. It is located in Sitio Dueg Barangay Maasin. It was an 11 km hike through shrubs and grassy trail; slippery too during the rainy season or when it rains like the day when we did our hiking. There were steep slopes where no trees to hold on to due to kaingin (clearing).

Timangguyob Falls
The Timangguyob Falls

Timmanguyob Falls stop over
A small waterfall - a teaser of Timangguyob Falls
We were ten in the group and our means of transportation were motorcycles. We were like "riding in tandems" in convoy that day taking the road to Dueg on a rough road only a four by four wheel could easily pass. We drove for about one and a half hour from Camiling town to the jump off. We didn't take the Tarlac - Pangasinan road to San Clemente town but instead we made shortcut passing Barangay Bobon Second, to Barangay Maasin.

The road to Sitio Dueg San Clemente Tarlac
The road to Sitio Dueg
Timangguyob Falls jump-off
Timmanguyob Falls Marker
We didn’t manage to get a guide from Barangay Dueg to the falls but instead we made guesses when the trail separates into two. This was a very stupid idea because we got lost and wasted one hour of our time as well as our energy. We crossed two small creeks, then two rivers and we barely recognized a trail going to the waterfalls. When we reached rock boulders after crossing the second river we thought we were already at the site because we heard roaring sound of waters but we were wrong. We had to walk a few meters more uphill.

Timmanguyob Trail
The trail
Timmanguyob Falls Photoshoot
Resting for a photo opp
Timmanguyob Falls steep trail
A steep slope to the waterfalls
When we reached the Timmanguyob falls it was already 2 P.M. and we were exhausted. We were wet since the start of our hike at 10:30 AM and nobody dared to swim; it was so cold! Photo opps were made using a camera phone wrapped in plastic which looks funny. We stayed there for about 5 minutes then we decided to go back to the jump-off.

Timmanguyob Falls river crossing
The first river crossing.
The river at Sitio Dueg Maasin San Clemente Tarlac
The second river crossing.
I will definitely visit Timmanguyob in the future but only during summer.

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  1. Hi! How much is the entrance fee and the tour guide fee? Thanks!

    1. Hindi po kami nag tour guide kaya nga po naligaw kami. You better go to Dueg Resettlement Area and ask for a guide there.


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