Sampaloc Cove: A Hidden Paradise of Zambales

Sampaloc Cove is not well known compared to its neighboring coves such as Silanguin, Anawangin, Talisayin, and Nagsasa due to its remoteness when traveling by boat from Barangay Pundaquit in San Antonio Zambales. From Subic Bay, Sampaloc Point can also be reached by boat in almost the same travel time from Pundaquit. Often, it really depends on the speed of the Banca.

Sampaloc Cove Redondo Peninsula
Nice view overlooking West Philippine Sea

We visited Sampaloc Beach out of curiosity. A member of the group always opens up Sampaloc Point each time we plan a weekend getaway. There are only limited pictures of the place on the internet that is why we were hesitant to go. Our jump-off point was at Driftwood Beach in Barrio Barretto Olongapo City. It was a one and a half hour travel to the cove; long ride but worth it.

Sampaloc Cove Subic
The cove less visited in Zambales
The cove hasn't been developed; isolation and remoteness are evident as we approach the shore. There were nipa huts but none of them was occupied. Coconut and Agoho trees were beautifully standing that serve as shade. We then started to enjoy the turquoise water of the beach, swimming was desirable because of the serene water. The beach was sandy but the shore was a mixture of pebbles and shingles which make the water clear. Pebbles are heavier to be pushed by waves to create cloudy water. Snorkeling on its marine sanctuary is also a good activity and of course fishing! There are three waterfalls in the area to be explored; we visited two of them and the trail was a fifteen-minute walk. If you plan to stay overnight, camping is the only option. The night will be perfect for stargazing under a cloudless sky. Bonfire is also a must-try!

Sampaloc Cove Subic Zambales
The calm water of Sampaloc Point
Sampaloc Cove Waterfalls
Trekking to the waterfalls
Our day tour was not enough to enjoy the beauty of this cove. We didn't have the time to climb its mountains to enjoy the view from the top. If I have the chance to come back I will definitely bring enough food, camping gear, hike its mountains, and visit the third waterfalls of this beautiful place.

Sampaloc Cove Falls
One of the waterfalls of Sampaloc Point

Things To Do in Sampaloc Cove

  • Snorkeling - Bring your own snorkeling gear.
  • Visit the waterfalls - a guide is needed.
  • Fishing - bring your own fishing rod.
  • Explore the mountains - you'll need a guide to do this.
  • Camping under the Agoho trees.
  • Photography with a beautiful backdrop.
  • Hiking
  • Bonfire
  • Stargazing
  • Swim, swim, swim!

How To Get to Sampaloc Cove:

From Manila: Take a Victory Liner Bus bound for Olongapo City. From Olongapo City, take a blue jeep going to San Marcelino.  You will have to stop at Driftwood Beach across 164 Police Station. You may also go to Baloy; there are boat rentals there as well. You will have to pay Php 3,000 pesos for a day tour but they also offer an hourly rate for as low as Php 300 pesos. I've heard you can get a day tour for Php 2,500 so use your charm. For more information contact Kuya Popoy at   +639295691752.

Map of Sampaloc Beach 

Sampaloc Cove Sample Itinerary (Day Tour)

07:00 AM - Start of Boatride from Driftwood Beach (Barretto) to Sampaloc Cove
09:00 AM - Arrive at Sampaloc Cove
09:10 AM - Swim, Snorkel, Fish, Photo Ops
11:30 AM - Lunch

12:00 PM - Nap, Chill

01:00 PM - Trek to the Waterfalls
01:15 PM - Arrive at the Waterfalls, Swim, Photo Ops
02:00 PM - Trek back to the beach
02:15 PM - Arrive at the Beach
02:20 PM - Swim, Photo Ops
03:20 PM - Boat Ride to Driftwood Beach Brgy. Barretto
05:20 PM - Arrive at Driftwood Beach
05:25 PM - Washup at Driftwood Beach
05:50 PM - Departure

Updated Fees

Below rates were queried from a friend who just visited the place recently. You can check his blog here.

Entrance Fee: Php 100/head (day tour); Php 200/head (overnight)
Cottage Rental: Php 300
Guide (waterfalls): Php 50/head
Boat Rental: Php 2,500 - Php 3,500. No standard rate has been imposed.

Where to Stay?

When your beach bumming isn't done yet you can stay at the place where we checked in for the night - The Bluerock Resort and Dive Center in Baloy Long Beach Barrio Barretto. You'll have a nice view of Subic Bay as well as the famous Floating Bar in Subic Bay. It also has a restaurant with the sumptuous menu open twenty-four hours.

Click the image of Bluerock Resort below to grab a room.


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