A Visit to Balon Falls - Subic Zambales

Balon Falls is one of the two waterfalls in Subic town in Zambales. It was the shortest trek we've ever had so if you are looking for a nature trip that requires a short walk, this is the right one. It is located in Barangay Aningway Sacatihan, approximately twenty five minutes away by bus from Olongapo City.

Balon Falls Plunge Pool
watching the water fall

It was Sunday morning when Karen contacted me through phone and told me that she was bored and wanted to have a little adventure with her kid. I suggested Balon Falls because of its accessibility and also the closest in the city. We rode a yellow top jeepney bound to San Marcelino Zambales and stopped at Sacatihan Bridge before the Iglesia ni Cristo Church. We had our fifteen minute ride through a cemented road but upon getting closer to the jump off the road became rough and dusty. It turned out to be a bumpy but a fun ride in a pedicab which the kid Jacob enjoyed.

Balon Falls Trekking
The short trek (Jacob and Karen)
The trail was an easy ten minute walk but we crossed the river twice and waded through shallow water. I had to carry Jacob on my back with care because some of the rocks were slippery. As we approached the waterfall we heard shouts and screams then a sudden sound of splashing water. It was the locals jumping and  showing their stunts. When we arrived there were several groups enjoying the waterfall scenery; some were drinking, some were eating and others were playing cards (tong-its).

Waterfall of Subic Zambales
A scene at the plunge pool
Karen and Jacob at Balon Falls
Karen and Jacob enjoying the cold water
Balon Falls Dive
The diving area
Balon Falls Trash
what an eyesore!

The place isn't a "wow" to me. The surroundings were littered with plastic from visitor's snacks. Some were hanging in trees while others were left in between rock boulders. I noticed broken bottles as well. It reminded me of what had happened to Anghalo Falls in San Felipe Zambales before they imposed "Environmental Fee", it was also taken for granted like this.

We left after staying for an hour.

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