Guide to Canding Falls or Kanding Falls - San Clemente Tarlac

On my last post, we were late to discover that there was a waterfall at Barangay Maasin. Now let me share our experience going to this waterfall the day after our swim at Canding River. The adventure started at 9 o'clock in the morning, an hour earlier than Canding River visit due to the fact that we had to walk. We also didn't have any idea about which path to take. The kid who informed us that there's a waterfall at Canding lives close to the river with his family so we would just have to ask direction from there. 

The trekking started 10 AM. We traversed the river bank where a path was visible and it seemed like it was frequently used by locals.  From afar we saw two guys carrying a sack. When we came close to them we found out that the sack was full of sweet potatoes. They stopped to rest and it was an opportunity for us to ask if Canding Falls or Maasin Falls was close and; if there was a shortcut to make our trekking easier.  The two guys said just follow or walk through the riverbank. 

Mary Ann, Lyka and Modesto on their way to Canding Falls
Photo opp before the trek starts

Traversing Canding River
Canding River

Canding River with Kids
Slippers off!

Our jump off was at Canding River.  As we jump between rocks for half an hour we heard the sound of roaring water torrent from the waterfall.  The excitement from the group emerged and the kids walked faster and jumped from rock to rock causing the elders to shout at them to slow down.  We arrived at Canding Falls approximately in 45 minutes.

Canding Falls San Clemente Tarlac
Photo opp before early lunch
No more gorgormot

 We don't know how deep the Plunge Pool of Kanding Falls but we saw local kids diving there showing us their stunts. Two local elders arrived and we asked them how deep the waterfall is. They said it is as deep as a Bayog. Also, they told us that they were there to check if their bait at the plunge pool caught any fish. Luckily there was a big fish for them for dinner!  It was an Eel about two and a half feet long. We got scared because it could have been an electric eel which means it is not safe to dive and swim. We ended up taking pictures with the eel anyway.

Glydel enjoying the icy water 
Canding Falls Eel
Would you dare swim with the Eel?

Canding Falls in the Background
Champ the Explorer

Canding Falls cliff jumping
The kid caught on camera

Canding Falls - Majestic

We left at 3 P.M and was happy that our wanderlust finally satisfied.

Follow this link on how to get here.

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  1. Manong, electric eels in fresh water? Nice blog. Too bad I can't go there.

    1. Hi Sir Frans, maybe it is an electric eel...but oh well it looks scary.


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