Manleluag Hot Spring in Pangasinan

Manleluag Hot Spring is one of the famous hot springs of Pangasinan second to Balungao Hilltop. Manleluag hot spring is located in Barangay Malabobo Mangatarem, Pangasinan. This hot spring is inside the area of Manleluag Spring Protected Landscape and has been open to the public for quite some time. It was declared a national park in 1940 and managed by Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Manleluag Hot Spring
The Hot Spring

The hot spring is produced by the extinct volcano Mt. Malabobo. To collect the spring water, a small cemented reservoir was created. There were three swimming pools to plunge in depending on the water temperature you choose. The first pool that is  closest to the spring is of course the hottest. Though it is just a a small pool, I prefer to swim here for relaxation and health benefits such as boosting blood circulation, reducing stress, promoting sleep, curing skin problems, and more! A small swimming pool for kids is just beside the biggest pool about nine feet deep good for swimming and diving.

Manleluag Hot Spring Swimming Pool
The biggest swimming pool of Manleluag Forest Reserve
Manleluag Hot Spring Swimming Pools
The kiddie pool
Aside from the main attraction, you can also enjoy the park's mini forest. There are cemented pathways where you can walk and stroll the area. You can hear birds chirping high in the trees but it was very hard to spot them. It is where the famous Philippine Frogmoth, Luzon Pygmy Fruit Bat, and Rufous Hornbill dwell. Cottages can be rented here and also a small Pavilion which can be used for parties and meetings. You can cook your food here like we did but make sure to clean your mess - there are lots of garbage bins around the area.

Cooking out at Manleluag Hot Spring
Cook out 
Manleluag Endemic Animals
The famous forest dwellers in the background.
Manleluag Forest
Guess what they're up to.
Manleluag Forest
Forest photo opportunity
We paid thirty pesos for the entrance fee, fifty pesos for the cottage. The park opens eight in the morning and closes at five in the afternoon.

Below is the map of Manleluag Hot Spring.

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  1. You can get there by POV or even tricycle. There's a single lane concrete road leading to the place. Beautiful and serene. Lots of wood and if you listen quietly, you can hear different birds singing. Bring your food and drinks because you cannot buy food nearby.


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