Wimpy's Restaurant - Olongapo City

Where to Eat in Subic? Well, read on.

Wimpy's Subic Pork Chop Dinner

December 30 and already afternoon. After we had been doing housekeeping all morning we decided to go into town and planned to have lunch there as well. My friend picked Wimpy’s. While the parade was passing by as a part of the annual Town festival we went into the restaurant where the air conditioning worked hard to make the temperature convenient. A big place where waitresses were running back and forth. We got a place in the back and one of the first things I noticed was a huge flat screen TV on the wall. This is something I will never ever get used to; a restaurant with a noisy TV on.

Wimpy's Branch in Olongapo City
Wimpy's Restaurant

A friendly waitress welcomed us with a big smile, handing us over the menu. Since Wimpy’s is a Chinese fast-food chain I immediately went looking for their burgers and decided to take the double cheese burger. My friend had eyes for the pork steak. The waitress gave me the password for the WIFI and it worked perfectly well. Our beverages were served very fast and they came together with a glass of ice cold water. It did not take too long before we got our food. The burger with French fries that I had ordered as well was a very good one. My friend was not very talkative because he really enjoyed his steak very much. It was delicious as he told me. He said “This place is famous for their steaks!” My first thought was ‘Well that’s good to know but why didn’t you tell me before we ordered?’ But then again, now I have something to look forward to!

Afffordable Burger at Wimpy's Olongapo
Burger with Fries

All together the place is a good one. Very affordable, friendly staff, quick service and good foods. Let’s just forget about that TV.

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