Pizza Volante in Subic Bay

Grilled Fish at Pizza Volante
Delicious Grilled Tuna Fish
Yesterday I got this message on Facebook “We will have a Bulgarian visitor tonight from Couchsurfing”. Soon after that “Clean the house and the comfort room”. Sure. About one hour I had. Now I had cleaned the stairs and mopped the floor the day before but still, this kind of questions always make me kind of nervous. Until I got myself together. “What? Is the guy a Bulgarian prince or what?” 

After they arrived home it was soon decided that we would go out for dinner together with a colleague of my friend. The four of left, took a jeepney and then walked to Harbour Point. Our visitor and I were talking about different customs in our countries and before we knew it we entered a big terrace of a restaurant I had never even seen before: Pizza Volante. We got our table and a friendly waitress handed us the menus and took our orders for drinks. Again my eye spotted a dish and I had my mind set on it. Never in my life I read a menu before making a choice. The reason? I really cannot tell. It has always been like that even though I often regret my choice afterwards because my companions picked something I would have wanted too if only I had known. Stupid me? I guess you are right there. 

Cheap Porterhouse Steak in Subic Bay
Pizza Volante's Porterhouse Steak
Last night I had an eye for pizza with shrimps and mozzarella. While my friends were ordering their dishes I changed my order to pasta with shrimps. My friends had Chicken teriyaki, grilled fish, and pork steak while our visitor opted for the salmon pizza. 

Pasta with Shrimp
While waiting we took the opportunity to look around and have our picture taken by yet another friendly waitress. From the terrace you can see the big Ayala Mall just across the street. The patio itself has many borders with plants and flowers and it looks very clean. So does the restaurant inside when I went in to use the CR. The CR, I noticed was very clean as well. I realized how important it is when the place looks clean and tidy. 

So the location and the ambiance passed the check but what about the food? The pasta with shrimps came with a nice piece of bread and it tasted perfect till the last bite. How I wished there was something more! When asked about the chicken teriyaki the answer was something "hmmmm yummie! hmmmmm". Our lady friend enjoyed her pork steak very much as well. And the salmon pizza? It was too big so we all had a slice of it and boy oh boy was it good!

Since I live in Olongapo City I have seen quite a few restaurants at different levels but so far Pizza Volante definitely is a favourite!

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  1. Where is this located?

    1. The place is located in Subic Bay Freeport Zone across Ayala Mall.


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