Pundaquit Falls – Side Trip to Zambales Islands and Coves

Pundaquit Falls Source
Does it look like the Pundaquit Falls?

Traveling to Zambales during summer is an awesome thing to do due to its grandiose beaches, islands, and coves. From Sta. Cruz' Hermana Menor Island in the north to Silanguin Cove in the south, this province is really abundant with places for summer getaways. Rain or shine, Pundaquit in San Antonio town has been an all-time favorite.

Zambales Waterfalls
Pundaquit Falls source

But did you know that there are two waterfalls in Pundaquit worth visiting? The most famous are the falls closest the beach, the Pundaquit Falls. The other one is the Mabanban Falls, which takes an hour or more to trek. (click here for more info). The former will be our topic for this post.

This is the first tier of Pundaquit Falls.

Highlights of Pundaquit Waterfalls

It has a nice plunge pool or tub where you can jump in and swim. Its depth is seven to eight feet during the rainy season when water torrent is strong coming from its source. It's an easy trek, around 10 minutes from the beach. There are small water curtains coming from the tub, cascading down, giving a nice backdrop when taking pictures. These waterfalls in Zambales will be a great side trip when visiting Pundaquit!

Pundaquit Falls Tub
The plunge pool is behind these rocks
There are two more waterfalls five minutes uphill. These waterfalls are the sources of the lower falls. One of them has a plunge pool 5 feet in depth and its bank is rich in bamboo vegetation. Don't worry, you can still enjoy its waters because this type of bamboo is thorn less, and makes shade over the plunge pool in the afternoon.

Photo of Pundaquit Falls
Photo opportunity

For those who can't swim. 

When is The Best Time to Visit these Waterfalls in Zambales?

Sad to say, Pundaquit Waterfall, is dry between the months of January to June. Even the Mabanban Falls situated across the Pamatawan River gets dry. But during the rainy season, especially the months of August and September, torrents are strong and tubs are full.

Pundaquit Falls
The source of Pundaquit Falls.
One more thing: there is no entrance fee when visiting the waterfalls. It is already included in the Environmental Fee you paid before reaching Barangay Pundaquit proper.

plunge pool
Plunge Pool of the second tier

How to Get to Pundaquit Falls

Short trek to Pundaquit Falls
The ridge to Pundaquit Falls
From Manila, you take a bus from Pasay, Cubao, or Caloocan bound to Iba Zambales. It is a four-hour ride depending on the route. SCTEx (Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway) and GSO (Gapan San Fernando-Olongapo Road) are the major routes when coming from Manila. The former is faster and comfortable compared to the latter.

Trek to Zambales Waterfalls
A short trek to the second tier
Stop at San Antonio town in Zambales. Take a trike to Barangay Pundaquit and tell the driver to drop you at the end of the road, located before you reach Pundaquit River. During the rainy season, the river has a strong current and sometimes gets deep. There’s a boat ride for five pesos just to cross the river.

Upon crossing the river walk to the ridge and look for the marker of the falls. There are nipa huts to pass by and a sari-sari store. There will be a path, a right of way to be exact , when you reach the marker. A straightforward path will lead you to the waterfalls in less than ten minutes. 

Map of Pundaquit Falls

You might also want to visit these waterfalls in San Antonio, Zambales.

1. Angeles or Capalngan Falls
2. Mabanban Falls


  1. From breathtaking views to calming moments, from colourful flowers to squawking birds hayzzzz...there are so many great reasons to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer. I truly miss it. Maybe we can all go back someday when we are older, when we are wiser, when we have learned, i pray 🙂

    1. Haha! Yes I remember you sang that at the falls. Out of tune though.

  2. I guess this place will definitely give me a nice break. Not just from crowd but from toxic thoughts and fears. This will surely nurse my heart and will provide me peace of mind. One day, will go here alone or with a friend to experience this beautiful creation God has made for you and me. ^_^ ♥

  3. Great post! We will visit these waterfalls next month. I havent seen the second level of pundaquit falls.

  4. Thanks Robert! I am sure there will be nice torrent at Pundaquit Falls in July.

  5. Would be fun going to Pundaquit then.

  6. We're planning to visit those falls this August with family, is it safe to tag along kids/teens? ;-)

    1. Hi Coolot! Thanks for dropping by. It is safe to visit Pundaquit Falls with kids but make sure to look after them. :)

  7. We will visit this on April 30. Is the place dry by that time? And how much is the entrance fee and tour guide fee? Thank you!

    1. Hi Again! Unfortunately Pundaquit Falls is dry during summer. You don't need a tour guide po at wala din pong entrance fee.


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