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Sometimes we get surprised in places where we don’t expect too much. It was a few days ago when my friends wanted to go to a new hotel that had a swimming pool on the rooftop, the Le Charme Suites. The place looked good but unfortunately, there was not a single place where we could sit in the shadow. During summer and around noon that is definitely not a good idea. 

Dumpling King Restaurant in Subic
Dumpling King

We decided to get back some other time because the place for sure was attracting. Back on the street, my friends walked to a very small restaurant. To be honest; I really don’t like the area too much. Lots of hotels and lots of companies but never many people. To me, it has the atmosphere of a ghost town. However, we entered Subic Dumpling King Restaurant and got a nice table, window seats. 

Our planned swimming area at Le Charme Suites
At first, the menu looked small but I found out there was a lot to pick from. Being a fan of sizzling plates it did not take long for me to choose sizzling seafood mix. My friends obviously fancied sinigang (with huge shrimps!), dimsum and crispy pata (a dish made from pork leg).

Dumpling King

The three of us soon enjoyed an outstanding lunch. Often when going out eating in a restaurant I do like the food but this time it was really great. 

Subic Dumpling King Restaurant's Sizzling Seafood
Delicious Sizzling Seafood

Crispy Pata in Subic Bay
Subic Dumpling King's Crispy Pata

Subic Dumpling Sinigang na Hipon
Sinigang na Hipon was good, try it too!
It was no surprise that the place was filled soon after we had entered and I guess the owners will have to look for a bigger place. I cannot wait to go back there even though I still will not like the area. But you have to give in sometimes. And for this restaurant, I gladly will give in!

Subic Dumpling King Restaurant is located in Bldg 1131, Palm Street Subic Gateway District, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

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