Silanguin Cove in San Antonio Zambales - Playing Tourist Adventure

Silanguin Cove Shoreline
Silanguin Cove's vast shoreline

A short visit in Silanguin Cove made me realize the differences among the coves in San Antonio Town. Being the farthest, it takes one and a half hours to get there passing Anawangin, Talisayin, and Nagsasa coves. Its shoreline is stretched from north to east for about a little more than a kilometer, perfect for a morning walk. Agoho Trees are also typical in the area that give shades to beach campers pitching their tents. There are a few nipa huts in the area for rent, the Puerto Silanguin being the favorite.

Nipa Huts Silanguin Cove
Nipa huts

There were few visitors that day compared to packed Anawangin. This cove was completely secluded far from busy city life. I had a quick chat with one of the campers and I found out that they made their way to Silanguin through the mountains of Redondo Peninsula. Mt. Cinco Picos traversing Silanguin? That was a tough hike.

Agoho Trees and Hammock
Hammock for relaxation

I found myself laying in a hammock under the Agoho trees. The sound made by the leaves as the wind blew over them was so relaxing. This place will be the next destination for an overnight stay for the group.

We spent an hour here for sightseeing only. We had booked at Nanay Minda’s Beach Resort in Talisayin Cove for the night and this Silanguin visit was settled for an extra pay. We ended up asking about the expenses for Silanguin on our next visit.

Silanguin Cove Guide – Cost and How to Get There

From Manila to San Antonio Zambales will cost you P250 pesos bus fare. San Antonio to Pundaquit is P30 pesos per head by tricycle, P90 when solo trip. Boat to Silanguin Cove is P2,500 pesos (4-6 pax) round trip without the side trip to Camara Island. Side trip included will cost P3,000 pesos. Entrance Fee at the cove is P150, wich is 50 pesos pricier than the rest of the Anawangin, Talisayin, and Nagsasa.

Silanguin Cove Beach Front
Have a morning walk here

When looking for a package tour, you can contact Whyne of Zambales Boat Rental on this number – Globe (09276878712) and Smart (09999916340).

Zambales Beaches
The beach of Silanguin Cove

Another jump off getting to Silanguin Cove is by renting a boat in Driftwood Beach in Barangay Barretto or Baloy Beach in Olongapo City. Boat rental will cost you P3,000 pesos day tour, almost four hours back and forth boat ride with Sampaloc Point Cove side trip. Contact Popoy on this number – 09295691752.

Map of Silanguin Cove

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