Nagsasa Cove - San Antonio, Zambales

Nagsasa Cove in San Antonio, Zambales was the last place we visited.  Our boatman was twenty minutes late and we were supposed to be picked up by twelve noon.  We left Talisayin Cove by 12:20 pm and arrived at Nagsasa Cove twenty-five minutes later.  The place is a lot better than Talisayin Cove because it is the farthest cove from Pundaquit Beach, haven't exploited by humans.

Like Anawangin and Nagsasa Cove, there you find Agoho trees.  The sand is very fine, water is clear and has shallow beach water.  Nipa huts and tents are available for rentals.  The only thing we noticed is the absence of nice sea breeze,  it was so hot and humid we were forced to swim a few minutes after our arrival.  

Nagsasa Cove San Antonio, Zambales
Our boat

Nagsasa Cove mountains
Nagsasa Coves' Greenery

Nagsasa Cove Pristine water
The crystal clear water of Nagsasa

Nagsasa Cove Local
Christian having a photo opp with Maribel

Nagsasa Cove rock boulders
A slice of Nagsasa Cove's beauty

Nagsasa Cove from the top of a mountain
The beautiful Nagsasa Cove from the top of a hill

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