Pundaquit Beach - San Antonio, Zambales

Pundaquit is located in San Antonio, Zambales, a village where fishing and tourism are the primary livelihoods.  This is the place where "Going Turista" stayed for a day to explore the beauty of this famous beach visited by tourists from nearby provinces and probably all around the Philippines.

Pundaquit River Delta
Pundaquit Beach

We arrived there at lunch time.  At the beach, there were boats, docked side by side waiting for tourists who wanted to have island hopping.  We inquired a bangkero named Tiago about the fee for we planned to visit the famous Capones Island, Camara Island, and Anawangin Cove.  The agreed price for the island fun was Php. 2,000.00;  boatman dropped us to these islands and waited for us until we decided to go back to our Hotel.

Pundaquit Wild Rose Beach Inn
Wild Rose Beach Inn

This is the hotel we stayed for a night.  Pretty decent, we got what we paid for not to mention the pure Filipino hospitality of the owner named Mama Tess.  She's a remarkable woman because of her funny and very talkative personality.

Swimming Pool Wild Rose Beach Inn
Have fun at the pool, open until 10 P.M.

Capones Island and Camara Island
Overlooking the Islands of Capones and Camarra.

Sunset Pundaquit Beach
Sunset in Pundaquit Beach

Next post will be the island tour!

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  1. This is a Great Blog indeed. Especially showing all the Beautiful Waterfalls and other Tourist Attractions of Zambales that other people can see and discover and might try to visit and enjoy as well.. You guys did a Good Job! Kudos to all of you...

  2. Thanks Angel! You can share your local travels and insights as well. Just shoot us an email.

  3. How much po yung binayad for an overnight stay po sa hotel pinag stay in nyo?

    1. Hi Ms. Vaness! It was 2,200 then but that was three years ago. May link po sa baba website po ng wild rose beach inn. May fontact sila duon. Si mama tess hanapin mo. Thanks.


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