Camara Island - San Antonio, Zambales

Camara Island was the first island we planned to go since it is the closest island from Pundaquit Beach.  This island is close to a more famous neighboring island, the Capones but of course, we decided to explore this island first because boat rental cost us Php. 2,000.00 for the whole day escapade.

We were four in the group and the small boat carried us smoothly to Camara Island.  The captain of the boat was Captain Tiago, one the best boatman we've ever had.

Camara Island Pundaquit Zambales
Camara Island
Captain Tiago gave us life vest then we hopped into the boat with excitement.  The water wasn't rough that day so we felt safe and we had the chance to take pictures during our journey, not to worry about the camera getting wet.

Island Hopping Pundaquit
Happy me!

It took us fifteen minutes to get there and had the chance to enjoy the view.  The shore has white sand but not as fine as the sand in Pundaquit Beach.  The rock formations are good for taking pictures...

Camara Island Zambales
Me and hubby

Don't forget to buy a native hat peddled by some locals.  Aside from giving you shade, it adds to the summer feel and good as props in taking pictures like the one above.

Islands in Pundaquit
The sand is white but not fine and will tickle your feet.

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