Capones Island - Pundaquit San Antonio, Zambales

After a short stay at Camara Island, the next stop was Capones Island, a few minutes boat ride on a sunny day. We were glad we applied sunblock on our skin to protect ourselves from ultraviolet rays and have our sunglasses to protect our eyes from harsh light from the sun.

I've been to Pundaquit Beach too many times but in the group, I was the only one who hasn't seen the beauty of Capones Island.  They keep on bragging about their frequent visit to this island, tried to convince me to skip the island and proceed to Anawangin Cove.  The boat was filled with laughter while we were on our way to the island.

Capones Island Pundaquit
The sand isn't fine and was mixed with corals.
Shore Capones Island Pundaquit Zambales
Enjoying the crystal clear water
The island doesn't have plenty of trees because it is just a huge rock formation.  It would have been better and spectacular if trees covered the island.  We decided to proceed to the lighthouse after indulging on the beach-water at the southwest shore of the island.

Capones Lighthouse Philippines
While resting, we posed for another picture...

Lighthouse Capones Island
Boulders along the stairway going to the Lighthouse
Stairway to Capones Lighthouse
Stairway to the Lighthouse
Lighthouse of Zambales
Lighthouse in the background

Capones Island Stairs
The rusty and spiral stairs screeched on every footfall

Rustic Stairway Capones Island Zambales
Going up!

Capones Lighthouse
Christian and Anton - through the looking glass...

Capones Lighthouse Viewdeck
Deep blue water

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