Mampueng Falls or Mampweng Falls - Old Cabalan, Olongapo City

Thank God it's Friday!  We are going to a waterfall!  The name of the waterfalls is Mampweng Falls, formerly known as Malabig Falls by the original settlers - the Aetas.

Before our journey started, the group had a heavy breakfast at Chowking Olongapo.  We need to get energized for this trekking and hiking because we didn't really know how to get there.  Our guts and intuition will get us to the there because no clear instruction or information from the internet was available though we GMG'd (google mo gago/gaga) for an hour!  We found an article on this blog - Batang Gapo, entitled "GANDA NG MAMPWENG, IDI-DEVELOP! " but oh my! no instruction!  just the place where it can be found - Old Cabalan.

Good thing our resourceful and inquisitive "Anton" managed to ask his friends and co-workers a week before the hike about Mampweng Falls.  Though he gathered insufficient data we decided to pursue and will just ask people who live nearby.

After breakfast, we rode a brown jeepney (New Cabalan) and stopped at Kalapati.  Grocery stores and Kitchenettes are available at Kalapati where we bought our food and water.  We took a tricycle to our jump-off, the place is called Malawacat.

The trek to Mampueng Falls Olongapo City
Traversing Malawacat
When we reached a river, we asked the locals on how to get to Mampueng Falls.  We learned that before getting there we will pass an Aeta Resettlement Area called Mampueng.  Now it is clear that the name of the waterfalls was after the place inhabited by these natives.  The guy whom we asked for directions also told us that there is another waterfall, a closer one and is called Martin Falls located on the opposite side of the mountain.  We also instructed to look for Purok who lives in the resettlement area.

While on our way, we saw an old maroon Jeep crossing the river.  Christian who was left behind looking for rocks to step on, avoiding to get his shoes wet, made the move and asked the driver for a hitch.  Luckily he was allowed to hop in, so we joined.  Christian was the hero of the day because if we walked, it will take us thirty minutes to reach the resettlement.  We were lucky it happened that the driver is the son of Purok so we were dropped exactly in front of Purok's house. 

Mampueng Community
Mampueng Resettlement Area
At Mampueng we've been told that Purok's name is Juanito Hardin.  We asked for his help on how to get to Mampueng Falls.  He gave us a tour guide, his name is Kuya Cesar - a funny and talkative Aeta.

Mampueng Falls in Olongapo City
Getting there was exciting!
We left Mampueng past ten in the morning.  Kuya Cesar headed to his house with us to tell his wife that he will postpone the renovation of their house.  While traveling, Kuya Cesar found a banana blossom (puso ng saging) and handed to us as a remembrance and suggested to cook it for sinigang. There was a steep rock to climb before getting there that's why our tour guide brought a rope.  We arrived at the site after an hour of walking and eventually had our lunch at the waterfalls before taking the plunge.  Of course, we took pictures first of the waterfalls!

Swimming at Mampueng Falls
Enjoying the cold water at Mampueng Falls.  Upper Left- Kuya Cesar, Upper Right - Katya and Christian, Lower Left - Anton and Christian, Lower Right - Anton.  Our photographer was Kuya Willie.
According to Kuya Cesar, this waterfall had been frequently visited by the Americans when the US Naval Base was here.  They'd bring tents, beers, and food and had stayated overnight.  It used to be a deep waterfall but became shallow when Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991.

Mampueng Falls Plunge Pool
The Waterfalls

Mampueng Falls
Water falls throughout the year and greater torrents during the rainy season.
Mampueng Falls
Sand was accumulated in the middle of the waterfalls brought by Mt. Pinatubo eruption, about 4 feet deep during summer.

Kuya Cesar
Mampweng Falls tour guide

After more than two hours of stay at the waterfalls, we decided to head back home.  Kuya Cesar introduced a new route, passing a wooden bridge then a river that stretches to Old Cabalan and Kalaklan River.  We reached Mampueng resettlement at around 3 pm and handed Kuya Cesar his talent fee for the tour.

From Mampueng, we started walking and reached Forestry, Old Cabalan then took a brown jeep to Olongapo City.  We realized that it would have been easier to go at Mampueng Waterfalls if we started trekking at Forestry.  We had fun and wish to go to another waterfall again soon.
Here's some tip on how to get to Mampueng Falls:
  •  Brown Jeep from Olongapo to Calapati, New Cabalan.  I suggest you take Forestry, Old Cabalan for the same fare because you'll save a twenty to thirty minutes walk.
  •  Follow the river going to the old Crusher near Acacia Trees.  From there, there's a road going to Mampueng area.
  • Ask for Purok for a guide. 
 Our Budget:
  • P10/pax from Olongapo City to Calapati, New Cabalan
  • P30 trike going to Malawacat
  • P250/pax tour guide fee
  • P10/pax from Forestry, Old Cabalan to Olongapo Proper.
Travel time approximately 4.5 hours back and forth.

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  1. Hi Ms. Catherine,

    By any chance do you have Kuya Cesar's contact number or anyone from the area na pwede namin tawagan para magpaGuide?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Iamnoempty,

      Unfortunately I don't have Kuya Cesar's number anymore. Don't worry upon reaching the village you can ask for Purok for a guide. If Purok is not available, ask for Aeta chieftains...

      Happy Hiking!

  2. Hi po! may nabanggit po bang history ng falls? We went there yesterday but forgot to ask if there's any history about the falls hehehe. Thank you po!

    1. Hi, wala pong nabanggit na history ng falls except that it was formerly called Malabig Falls.


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