Cabaruan Falls San Felipe Zambales

Zambales Waterfalls
The Grotto or Cabaruan Falls

Another waterfall in San Felipe Zambales - the Grotto or Cabaruan Falls, located in Barangay Feria. It is called Grotto because of the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary facing the plunge pool. So true that San Felipe town is blessed with waterfalls like Anghalo, Sagpat, and Paite. Maybe there's more hidden somewhere in its mountains waiting to be discovered.

The Good

Amongst these waterfalls, Grotto is the most child-friendly. Why? Because of its shallow plunge pool or tub. It has two cascades, one is natural and the other - man-made. It has two tubs where you can submerge and swim but diving is definitely not advisable. Its first tub is around five feet at its deepest and the second is about 2 feet. Kids will love it!

Cascades of Cabaruan Falls
Nipa hut for rent

There are nipa huts for rent. You can also have a picnic on the riverbank under the tree shades. This will save you money from renting a hut. But if you are in a group, renting a hut will be cheaper for everyone will give their share.

You can cookout here as well.

The Bad

You cannot dive here because the plunge pool is not deep. No cliff diving or jumping. There is "no water during the dry season".

Nipa Hut Cabaruan Falls
Nipa hut in the middle of the river - for rent

How to Get Here

Since this waterfall is dry during summer, it is only recommended as a side trip when visiting the beaches of San Felipe like the famous Sitio Liwliwa and Crystal Beach.

Zambales Falls
Oh the Entrance Fee

From the town of San Felipe, get a trike to take you to the waterfall. Basically, drivers will charge two hundred pesos back and forth. Again, it will be cheap when in a group. Make sure the driver has a cell phone so you can send a text whenever you want to be fetched.


  1. heeey. pwede po ba magdala po ng food sa site po mismo para makapag picnic or hindi po pwede ? thanks for the reply . and yung 200 na po yun each person po ba or yung tricycle na yun pa back and forth ?

  2. Hi! 200 back and forth po isang trike na po yun. you can bring your own food po. Thanks for dropping by!


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