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All Hands Beach Subic
All Hands Beach

Living in Olongapo City, Zambales means you have many resorts to visit that are close at hand. Last week a friend suggested to go to All Hands Beach. I had never ever heard of this resort and was keen on going there since I like to explore new places to go. The first thing I noticed was that there was not really a parking lot. Cars are parked on the side of the road. 

All Hands Beach Beach
Beach Bums at the Beach

Sun Lounger
White sun lounger perfect for sunbathing

All Hands Lifeguard Tower
The Lifeguard Tower

All Hands Beach Volleyball Court
Beach Volleyball

Outdoor Activity All Hands Beach
They also have a basketball court

The office is right at the entrance where visitors have to pay Php400 for walk-ins. The resort is wide and open but does not have anything in particular that shows you’re in All Hands resort; no special signs or colors. But you definitely cannot miss the huge restaurant which is out in the open except for the roofing. After a few minutes of walking, we found a nice spot to sit from where we could oversee the sea. The place had a lot of visitors but no way could one say that it was packed. There is enough space between the different group sets of tables and chairs. The employer was very helpful yet not pushy when he guided us to our place. 

All Hands Beach Restaurant
Dayrits Kitchen serves guests with food and beverages

Dayrits Restaurant Subic
Dayrit's Kitchen Menu

Egg and Tocino
This is what I ordered - Pork Tocino with Egg and free Champorado

Boneless Bangus All Hands Beach
Boneless Garlic Bangus

After we had a short rest we went to the restaurant for a bite and a drink.

I could not help but feel a bit sleepy so I got me a lounge chair and fell asleep. After a while, I woke up to find the table empty. My friends had gone into the –cold- sea. After they returned I decided to have a little walk to see a bit more of the place. A few nice cabins were lined up and I could imagine myself in one of them; sitting on the terrace with a nice glass of wine or a bottle of beer, enjoying the silence only broken by the sound of the waves.

Shower Room and Rest Room
They have ample of these...

All Hands Beach Rooms
Rooms close to the beach

Comfort rooms are all over the place plus a place for grilling and a conference room. All and all it looked good to me and I sure will go back there to enjoy the kind atmosphere.

For All Hands Beach Resorts updated room rates, click here

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  1. Wow... its been a very very long time since my last visit there. It was our party back in college and it looks so beautiful.

    1. Thank you for the comment Rob! Welcome back to our blog.

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