Mauban Falls or Batis Falls - One of the Wonders of Morong Bataan

Once again, Morong town in Bataan amazed us with its diverse natural attractions with its nice beaches, rock formations, thick forest, clean rivers, and waterfalls; Morong is a perfect getaway for the weekend. Let's wander the forested part of Barangay Nagbalayong and visit one of its hidden waterfalls - the Mauban Falls.

Mauban Falls Morong Bataan
The Mauban Falls

Waterfalls in Bataan
Mauban Falls during summer

The Trek to Mauban Falls in Bataan

You will reach Mauban Falls in less than an hour trek from Mauban Bridge jump off along the J.J. Linao National Road. The beginning of the trek is easy because there are houses erected along the trail.

Mauban Bridge Morong Bataan Philippines
The Mauban Bridge is the jump-off to Mauban Falls

In a few minutes, the trail will be covered with carabao grass. The trail is also used as a pasture for cows. It is actually a narrow road constructed a few decades ago during the Marcos regime.

Trekking Mauban Falls Morong Bataan
The easy trail to Mauban Falls

Trekking in Morong Bataan
A huge rock along the way

We passed worn out pump houses or such, covered by shrubs. On both sides of the trail, there were huge industrial hoses sprinkling water. I wonder why they constructed these pump houses in the first place? (Maybe for the towns' water supply or for the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant's water source system).

Mauban Falls River Morong Bataan
This river is fed by Mauban Falls

After approximately thirty minutes, the easy trail led us to the last neglected rectangular engineering structure, hollowed in the center. Passing through this structure were cemented steps going down to the river.

Trail to Mauban Falls Morong Bataan
The slippery part of the trek is when you are close to the waterfall

We turned right and traversed the steep mossy side of the river. The water wasn't deep contrary to what we expected though it rained two consecutive nights before our trek. In forty-five minutes from the jump-off, we finally reached Mauban Falls.

How Deep is Mauban Falls

Amongst the waterfalls we have visited in Bataan, this probably is one of the deepest. A member of our group used a bamboo pole to measure the depth. It was around 16 feet in its deepest part and the pool is almost a perfect circle. It is like a deep well.

Wonders of Morong Bataan
The pool of Mauban Falls.

By the way, don't fret when you hear frightening sounds within the area - they are probably owls. I spotted one.

To those who are planning for an overnight stay in Morong, Mauban Falls is a nice side trip. You will be needing a guide for this trekking. Our guide was Paul and his number is 09292606612.  Also, don't forget to visit the Pawikan Conservation Center within the same Barangay.

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