Pitas Island - Sidetrip to Silangin Cove Adventure

Silanguin Cove in Zambales is the farthest cove to explore from Subic-Olongapo, and Barangay Pundaquit in San Antonio, Zambales' jump off. Others prefer to go by land, climbing Mt. Cinco Picos traverse to Silanguin. Whichever you prefer, both have nice scenic views to feed your hungry eyes. 

Pitas Island Silanguin Cove
Pitas Island Zambales

The Remote Pitas Island

Pitas Island is a piece of the rocky body of land facing the West Philippine Sea, on the southwestern tip of the Redondo Peninsula in Zambales. It is somehow a part of the bigger Silanguin Island but, during high tide, it separates and acts as a rock island.  Behind this island, is the famous and untouched Silanguin Cove.

Pitas Channel Zambales
Pitas Channel in Silanguin Cove

Side-tripping to this island is suggested when visiting Silanguin Cove. It has nice features suitable for photography. Its water, flowing from the West Philippine Sea into Silanguin Cove, is crystal clear. Its shallow channel was only four to five feet deep when we visited the place. Be careful swimming here though due to sea urchins in the channel.

Silanguin Island and PItas Falls
On the right is the shore of Silanguin Island

Just tell your boatman to bring you to Pitas Channel for a swim. This activity will add up to your fee but, I have heard some made it for free. So try to use your charm.

The Dreadful Fate of Pitas Island

While exploring and having photo opportunities at the rocky Pitas Island, we noticed plastic bottles and other types of solid waste. It was shocking that even on this remote island, our footprints are all over it. I took pictures of the shore and then I realized Pitas Channel serves as a trash filter of Silanguin Cove.

Human footprints on a remote island of Pitas

That junk must have made their way from the industrialized City of Olongapo and its neighboring towns. Today, Ocean Conservancy's 'International Coastal Cleanup' was completed. It happens every third Saturday in the month of September. However, due to the remoteness of this area, I assume it hasn't received litter clean up. I hope the beach/resort owners of Silanguin will consider resolving this issue.

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