Mayantoc Tarlac - Trekking Adventure to Kiti Calao Falls

Coined as the Summer Capital of Tarlac, Mayantoc town is a haven for the outdoorsy. Its land area, particularly the mountainous part, is still covered by lush forest. Mayantoc town was once the biggest barangay in Camiling Tarlac until January 17, 1917. The abundance of Yantoc (rattan) in the area made up its official name. Several outdoor activities such as camping, mountaineering, biking, swimming, and rafting are available in this town.

Kalao Falls Mayantoc Tarlac
Calao Falls

The Legendary Calao Falls or Kalaw Falls

In Sitio Calao Barangay San Jose, a hidden waterfall is now a hiking sensation in town and to nearby provinces. If trekking or waterfall chasing is your kind of thing, Kalaw Falls is a perfect destination. A short stopover to this place when visiting nearby provinces isn't a bad idea. In my case, I visited this waterfalls prior to my return to the city to relieve myself from stress.

Picture of Kalaw Falls Tarlac
A huge tree trunk in the 'once-deep' plunge pool' is perfect for picture taking

Calao Falls (Sitio Calao) was named from the species of beautiful bird Kalaw which once was rampant in the area. This species is now endangered and our guide told us there were only a few to be in the area.

Kalaw Falls Picture Mayantoc Tarlac
The plunge pool isn't fit for swimming anymore
This waterfall once had a deep plunge pool suitable for swimming and diving. It was the typhoon Queil (Kiel) in 2011 that made its deep basin shallow due to soil and rock deposits eroded from upstream. Despite the dramatic change in the landscape, the place still offers impressive natural beauty.

Barangay San Jose Mayantoc Tarlac
The mini waterfall of Kiti Calao 
Climbing the granite rock of Calao Falls will lead you a small waterfall where you can submerge and enjoy its chilly water after a short trek. According to our guide, this mini-waterfall also had a deep basin. We were sad not to set an eye on the grandeur of Calao Falls.

The Trail to Kiti Calao Falls

Kalaw Falls Trekking Mayantoc Tarlac
The trail to Kiti Calao Falls

The trek to Calao Falls from the jump-off was easy and straightforward. The trail has been established for years since locals also use the trail when harvesting fruits and root crops from the mountains. Just a few river crossings will be encountered in a 45-minute trek before getting to Kiti Calo Falls. 

Tour Guide Kalaw Falls Mayantoc Tarlac
No Guide, No Entry is strictly imposed.

Registration is a bit expensive for you must pay P20.00 per head as 'Conservation/Environmental Fee'. A Tour Guide is P350.00 for five pax. You won't be allowed to trek without a guide because there was once a lost hiker who opted not to avail a guide.

Kiti Calao Falls Entrance Fee Mayantoc Tarlac

The very informative guide during our trek was Mr. Noah Anquilo. You can contact him on these numbers: 0948-688-6908 / 0927-590-6127. 

Here's an embedded adventure video of Kiti Calao Falls in Mayantoc Tarlac.

Kiti Calao Falls is just one of the many waterfalls of Tarlac. You might also want to visit these waterfalls in Tarlac.

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