Exploring Butig Falls in Olongapo City

Butig Falls are series of small waterfalls far north of Sitio Banca Bancaan in Gordon Heights Olongapo City. It's just a three-hour hike to and from the jump-off at Banca Bancaan Aeta Tribe. Outdoor lovers will experience trekking the mountains of Olongapo. This two to three-minute read will guide you directions on how to get to the waterfalls. To those who aren't exactly "outdoorsy", read on and spread the news to your friends who are outdoor enthusiasts! 

Zambales Waterfalls Phallic Symbol
Ulo ng 'Apo's Phallic Symbol' at Butig Falls

Zambales Waterfalls
Fourth Tier of Butig Falls

How I Met Our Butig Falls Trekking Guide

A guide is needed to reach Butig Falls. (Someone who is familiar with the area). I tried to find out on how to reach these waterfalls a few months ago but to no avail; then I was told to visit the Barangay Hall of Gordon Heights to ask for a guide. But before I did, I went to the market one Saturday morning to buy veggies and spotted an Aeta selling Tonkin Jasmine (sabidukong or bagbagkong). Being a hardcore Ilocano, I bought one pile and suddenly Butig Falls popped up into my head.

This is what I bought from our guide at the market
I asked the Aeta where he lives if he knew the place Banca Bancaan as well as the Butig Falls. His uncle who was beside him replied: "we live there!" I introduced myself and informed them about my plan to visit Butig Falls. They said they are happy to accompany me. 

How To Get to Butig Falls

Ride a beige jeepney going to Barangay Gordon Heights at Jollibee Triangle. Tell the driver to drop you at Blk 27 which is the jump off point. Travel time is 20 minutes.

Upon arrival at Blk 27 (the jeepney's end of the trip), walk left on the cemented road uphill. Straight ahead will lead to Sitio Banca Bancaan Aeta Community. You will pass the signage "This way to Sitio Tralala" on your left side.

Tralala Gordon Heights Olongapo
Sitio Tralala Signage

A few more minutes you will reach a wooden Arc welcoming you to Sitio Banca Bancaan. About 20 minutes of walking under the shade of trees you will reach the Aeta community. This is where our guides live - Jonas and Oliver.

Banca Bancaan Olongapo City
To Sitio Banca Bancaan
We started the trek with our two guides at 9:00 in the morning. We passed several creeks, maybe four, before reaching large boulders that slowed our pace. It wasn't because of the hardship of hopping from one rock to another but because of our photography. Well, it was a must in this kind of adventure anyway.

Then we reached the first tier of the waterfalls...

Subic Bay Hiking
The first tier of Butig Waterfalls taken inside a huge tree.

We weren't disappointed when we saw the faucet-like drops of water because the scenery was still spectacular. We rested here for ten minutes while taking pictures of the area including the interior of a huge tree.

Bat Kingdom
Bats flew out of this tree. Oliver looking down on us.
Moving on to the next level we had to climb the steep and rocky side of the mountain for about five minutes. It wasn't hard to climb because of the rocks and tree trunks to hold on to.

Climbing Butig Falls
Jun on his steep climb
Then we reached the second tier...

Rock Formations
Beautiful rock formations at the second level of Butig Falls

Whitaker's Point like scene
Jun found the right spot
When we got tired of taking pics on the second level, we proceeded to the third one. We had to go back down because the only way to get to the third tier was at the spring we passed a few meters away. It was a 20-minute ascend including stops once in a while because our guides introduction to forest food and demonstrated jungle survival. We had the chance to drink water from banot and rattan vines,  reaped gugo (native shampoo), and "tungkod langit's" young leaves I brought home.

Jungle Survival
Drinking water from a rattan vine
The third tier has a shallow basin and was not good for swimming. The fourth had the deepest plunge pool about 11 feet deep that was good for swimming and, if you want some adrenaline, jump from the branch of a tree just above the pool!

Subic Bay Waterfalls
Selfie at the third tier.

Zambales Butig Falls
Butig Falls fourth tier

The top of the fourth level

Our Itinerary to Butig Falls

08:00 AM - Meetup at Jollibee Triangle Olongapo
08:10 AM - Travel by jeepney to Blk 27 Gordon Heights
08:30 AM - Trek to Banca Bancaan Aeta Community
08:50 AM - Arrive in Sitio Banca Bancaan
09:00 AM - Trek to Butig Falls
10:00 AM - Arrive at First Tier of Butig Falls / Picture Taking
10:20 AM - Ascend to the Second Tier / Picture Taking
10:40 AM - Proceed to Butig Falls' third and fourth level
11:00 AM - Arrive at Third and Fourth Tier/Explore the area/Photo Ops

12:00 PM - Lunch/Relax/Swim/Sleep

01:30 PM - Trekking back to Blk 27 Gordon Heights
03:30 PM - Arrive at Blk 27
03:50 PM - Travel by jeepney to Olongapo City proper
04:10 PM - Arrive at Jollibee Triangle

Manong, wet in the wild
It started to rain when we were about to leave. Our guides introduced a new route back; this was the trail they use when hunting wild boars and harvesting forest food from the wild. The trail was on a slope of a mountain. It was slippery which slowed us down and we had to cut down/clear outgrown plant growth along the trail by bolo.

Butig Falls Budget

  • Jollibee Triangle to Blk 27 Gordon Heights - Php 9.00/pax (Php 18.00 back and forth)
  • Guide Fee - Php 700.00/group

Have you been to the five waterfalls in Olongapo City and Subic Bay area yet? If not, consider adding Butig Falls to your list!


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