Rosa Farms - A Side Trip to Zambales

Rosa Farm San Marcelino Zambales
Rosa Farm's

Last Saturday my friends had planned a trip to Rosa Farms, about an hour driving from our place. The days before I hadn’t been too well and I was still recovering so I told them “For your own good, it’s better if I stay home”. I know I can get grumpy if I’m not feeling well and cannot have a rest when I feel like having one. “But Frans, really; it is a must!” On FB I visited the Rosa Farms’ page where I read good reviews and saw many pictures. We decided to go the next day.

Instead of taking the bus we took a jeepney to San Marcelino where we hopped on a small bus that brought us to the farm. Upon entering I noticed there were lots of plants and seedlings for sale. The first thing to do however was to order food since it was lunch time. We picked a nice wooden table where we did not have to wait too long before the food was served.

Cabana Rosa Farm Zambales
The Cabanas

Bit by bit more people were coming in. One family was kind of dropped there so the kids could play while their mother stretched out in a relaxing cabana right behind us. She obviously liked listening to the modern R&B (definitely not my cup of tea) and played it pretty loud. I asked the waiter if this was allowed but he kind of avoided the question. At some point however the volume was turned down. 

Nursery at Rosa Farm
Rosa Farm Nursery

Rosa Farm Giant Mango
Giant Mango

Rosa Farms Restaurant

Our lady friend got her kare kare, (a typical Filipino dish) my friend the vegetable medley and I had only opted for shanghai rolls which tasted good but not spectacular. And so was the other food: good but not something you’d want to write home about. My friend had green mango shake which was good. The (bottomless) coffee started strong but the third cup already tasted more like instant coffee.

mango Rosa Farms
Cows in pasture under mangro trees

Remembering the reviews and pictures I had seen the night before I could not recognize a thing so I decided to walk around with the camera. A few shrubberies contained a variety of fruits and vegetables. The red peppers looked very good. The other ones that I could recognize were the tomatoes and eggplants. 

Eat under the mango tree
Eating on a Bamboo Table was fun

Then the mango plantation started. Huge trees, properly lined up, created a lovely shaded surface to walk on. A few cows in between the trees were eating grass and had no intention to be bothered by anyone so I could come pretty close to make some pictures. Ever since I was a child I already liked cows very much.

Kare Kare Rosa Farm
Rosa Farm's kare kare

Banana Cue at Rosa Farm
Sticky Rice and Banana Cue

Rosa Farm Mango Pizza
Mango Pizza 

Rosa Farm Palabok
Rosa Farm's Palabok

After my exploring around, I went back to my friends. We had some talk and then a snack was ordered. A small pizza that tasted nice. This in contrast to the palabok which had a downright bland taste. The sticky was, according to my friends, good and so were the banana cues. Before we went home I bought us a coriander plant at Lolo David's Country Store.

Lolo Davids Country Store
Lolo David's Country Store sells pasalubong goodies

All and all I liked being at the farm but for sure it was less than I had expected. There was no program like showing the visitors around. We were not sure if it was worth the long trip. It might be a good place when you live in the area. Also, it can be a welcoming stop during a long trip.

Tourist at Rosa Farm
Rosa Farm's Visitors

Rosa Farms is located 156 KM's from Manila following National Highway to San Marcelino, Zambales just before the boundary arch of San Antonio and San Marcelino.

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  1. Mango pizza? I think I need to try that! Zambales is also good in cuisines like Kapampangans, you should try their food trip in Pampanga :)


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