Botolan Wildlife Farm - Playing Tourist in Botolan Zambales

A joyride to Zambales with a travel buddy from Rizal Province, Sir Ed, led us to this zoo in the town of Botolan called the "Botolan Wildlife Farm". We were in search of a nice beach that day but we decided to have a short stay at this zoo because we spotted a sign along the highway. This wildlife farm is located on the eastern side of town in Barangay San Juan, just before reaching an Aeta community close to Camp Kainomayan.

Wildlife Marker in Botolan Zambales
The Botolan Wildlife Farm Marker

Botolan Wildlife Farm is an animal refuge in the heart of Zambales founded by Martin and Juvy Zooler; a family-run wildlife sanctuary established in the year 2000. Martin and Juvy are both zoologists from Switzerland. The people of northern Zambales are lucky to have this small zoo to visit because the nearby zoos in Botolan are in the south of the province -  the "Zoobic Safari" and the "Wildlife in Need", both inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Animals of Botolan Wildlife Farm - In Pictures

Being up close with the animals, I had the chance to take some pictures to showcase; a teaser for birders, and animal lovers.

Botolan Wildlife Farm Cattle Egret
The Cattle Egret
Perched on a grungy bamboo pole, this mature Heron ("Tagak" in Filipino) must have missed her Carabao tandem.

Brahminy Kite
An adult Brahminy Kite staring at me.
The Brahminy Kite is an inhabitant of the Philippines and is now considered an endangered species. It feeds on carcasses of dead fish and other prey.

Horned Owl
An adorable horned owl 
Owls are birds of prey. They help farmers from crop loss by  feeding on rodents and vermin residing in the fields.

Philippine Eagle Owl Botolan Wildlife Farm
Philippine Eagle Owl
I remember as a child, in the province of Tarlac, Kuwago the (Owl) was an effective bugbear (monster) to keep kids indoors during dusk.

Black Crowned Night Heron
Rufous Night Heron (Black Crowned)

Sun Parakeet
Sun Conure or Sun Parakeet 
I thought it was my pet "Ricky", a sun conure when I stumbled on this colorful fluffy bird. This avian is a native of South America.

Dove in Captivity
This bird I guess is a Wood Dove

Aviary Botolan Wildlife Farm
Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Java Finch Botolan Wildlife
A Java Sparrow or Java Finch

Our travel buddy and the Ostrich

Turkey Botolan Wildlife Farm
This turkey dwells in the farm

Brown Deer Botolan Wildlife Farm
Philippine Brown Deer

Ostrich and Deers
A herd of deer with the tallest bird specie


Crab Eating Macaque with his little finger haha!

Tiger in Zambales
Siberian Tiger named Ramses was shy during our visit

Well, I think I have to stop showing off the animals in the farm. I don't want to be a spoiler, you have to visit and have a look.

Botolan Wildlife Farm Entrance Fee

Entrance Fee Botolan Wildlife Farm
Sir Ed at the "Welcome Sign" with entrance fee

Contact Botolan Wildlife Farm below:

Botolan Wildlife Farm
San Juan, Botolan, Zambales
Phone: (+63) 0917 734 2206 / (+63) 0917 829 5478

For more information about Botolan Wildlife Farm, visit their website at

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