Staycation at Samba Bluewater Resort - Inflatable Island

Samba Bluewater Resort
Sunset at Inflatable Island in Subic Bay

It has been a year now that Olongapo City has its attractive Inflatable Island. Our friend had duties at home so she asked if we could take her son there. First thing I noticed was that the place is only 10 minutes away from home. But there was something else I had noticed while we discussed the option: The very high entrance fee people have to pay. Nevertheless, we went on our way. 

Samba Bluewater Resort
The largest floating playground in Asia

The entrance with huge signs along the highway makes sure one really cannot miss it. A guard guided us to the office. My housemate and our friend's son paid around Php 2,400.00 where I, cheap as always, only had to pay Php 400.00 because I had no intention going to the playground. We got paper bracelets which showed we were legal, paying guests. A neat and quite long path led us to the place where it all had to happen.

Samba Bluewater Resort
Kids will love this place.

At first, we saw many huts with wooden tables and benches. We sat down there to let the new scene soak in and to explore the surroundings a bit. Soon after we moved on to a livelier place where it turned out there was a huge hut with many tables and seats. On the right side, there were different counters. One belonged to a small store, the next one was for the locker key, followed by a small bar and then the greatest part of the counter for foods and shakes. Beyond this covered area, on the beach was a huge lounge part with a view of the playground. Truth be known that it all looked very good and it was obvious the place was taken good care of.

Inflatable Island Subic
Jem is having fun!
After a shake and a hotdog, my companions went to the playground. Time for action for me too since I had promised to take pictures. It seemed to be hard to find them but once I got them I kept them in sight. From their faces, it was clear they were having a very good time. After the first shooting, I had a look around to make sure some pictures on the beach and to have a beer under the roof because the sun was really burning hot.

Inflatable Island Expensive Food
Expensive Hotdog and Bun

Samba Bluewater Resort Inflatable Island
Their watermelon shake was very sweet and again, expensive.

All and all it took a few hours but finally it was announced that the locker room was to be closed in about 30 minutes so I signaled that they had to come to the beach.

Now it was shower time for them. Our stay finished at a small eatery for a drink.

What I can say now is that the place really has potential to become a high ranked but it would be much better if they lowered their prices because in our opinion it is too expensive. 

Samba Bluewater Resort Map

Getting to Samba Bluewater Resort | Inflatable Island Subic

From Manila (Private Vehicle): Take NLEx - SCTEx, and exit at Tipo Plaza going to Subic Bay Freeport Zone. From SBFZ, exit at Kalaklan Gate going to Zambales. In less than 5 minutes without traffic, you will reach Samba Bluewater Resort and Inflatable Island. There are plenty of signs along the road so you won't miss it.

From Manila (Public Vehicle): Take a Victory Liner Bus bound for Iba, Sta. Cruz, or Olongapo City. Alight at Olongapo City Victory Terminal and take a "blue" jeep bound to Subic or San Marcelino Town. Tell the driver to drop you at Inflatable Island.

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