Pacalat Dam - An Inexpensive Summer Adventure in Pangasinan

Swimming Area Pacalat Dam
The Pacalat Dam

Pacalat Dam is a reservoir found in Barangay Pacalat Mangatarem Pangasinan; an impounding dam in the vicinity of Mt. Mangatarem. Its use is to irrigate the nearby barangays for crop production especially rice. Aside from irrigation, it is also a dwelling place for locals and visitors from nearby towns during summer. Its waters are perfect for swimming, camping. This place is also a jump off when hiking to the summit of Mt. Mangatarem.

 How to Get to Pacalat Dam?

Getting here from Manila you need to take Victory Liner bus from Pasay or Cubao  going to Bolinao. There are other bus companies like Solid North going to Bolinao. You have to stop at Mangatarem Public Market and get a tricycle to take you to Pacalat Dam. Make sure to tell the driver to fetch you back after your stay for transportation in the area is scarce, or else, you will ride a carabao like the picture shown below - kidding!

Pacalat Dam Transportation
A farmer riding his carabao in Naguilayan West Mangatarem.

The swimming area of Pacalat Dam is approximately 9 feet deep with rock boulders from where you can jump and dive. Some parts of the river can be shallow where you can lay down and have sun bathe (sayang ang gluta). 

Summer Pacalat Dam
The Swimming Area

Rocky Banks
The rocky banks of Pacalat

The rocky banks gave us difficulty moving around, but for a free swim, we didn't complain. In fact, those rocks gave us the feeling of being with mother nature. Just mind your step to avoid accidents. 

Girls at the river
An old pic of my sister and her friends in Pacalat Dam

When we visited this place, we brought our lunch. We had a good feed under a tree shade close to the swimming area where the rock boulders lie. Two hours of swimming on fresh water under the sun, a sunscreen is a must!

Pacalat Dam is a nice getaway when you are on a tight budget – a simple but exciting summer experience in the province of Pangasinan.

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