Visiting the Pride of Pamplona: Palaypay Falls

Pamplona's Pride in Negros Oriental
Pamplona's Palaypay Falls

The sleeping town of Pamplona boasts the highest waterfall in Negros Oriental named by the locals as Punong Punong Falls in Barangay San Isidro. Thirty kilometers from this towering waterfall is 'the Pride' of Pamplona, Palaypay Falls in Barangay Abante.

Palaypay Falls and Pulang Bato Falls

Palaypay Falls is similar to Pulang Bato Falls in Valencia - they both have reddish rocks scattered around the area.

This 'Pamplona's Pride' is a three-tiered waterfall with water extremely cold but with sulfuric content. It has a funny taste when unintentionally tasted during swimming and jumping. Jumping into the plunge pool is possible in the first and second tiers.

Palaypay Falls Pamplona Negros Oriental
The pool of the first tier.

The second tier has a round tub ideal for swimming.

On the left side of the gorge close to the first tier is another waterfall approximately 40 feet in height. It has no plunge pool and its flowing water slowly cascades down to the first tier's basin of Palaypay Falls. This waterfall may dry up during the dry season.

Palaypay Falls in Barangay Abante Pamplona Negros Oriental in Visayas
The plunge pool of the second tier is ideal for swimming

There are huts erected close to the plunge pool excellent for picnics. Tucked in a dense forest, these waterfalls with the ambiance of being in the middle of the wilderness makes this place great for soul-searching.

There was no entrance fee at the time of our visit but I've heard the local government is considering improving the area. In the future, they may impose an environmental fee. Bring your own food because there wasn't a single store found in the area.

Palaypay Falls Picnic Hut
From this view, the third tier is visible

Getting to Palaypay Falls

From Manjuyod, Mabinay and Bais City: Take a Ceres bus bound to Dumaguete City then stop at Tanjay City. Take another Ceres Bus coming from Dumaguete City or ride a tricycle bound for Pamplona town. From Pamplona, hire a habal habal to Palaypay Falls.

From Dumaguete City: Take a Ceres bus bound to Bayawan City. Stop at Pamplona town and hire a habal habal to get you to Palaypay Falls.

From Sta. Catalina and Bayawan City: Take a Ceres Bus bound to Dumaguete City and stop at Pamplona town. Hire a habal habal to Palaypay Falls.

Hiring a habal habal costs one hundred pesos per person (roundtrip from Pamplona to the waterfalls). The road has been cemented so expect a smooth ride. From the jump-off, you will trek for ten minutes before reaching the 'Pride of Pamplona'.

Map of Palaypay Falls

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