In Pictures: Mt. Pimmayong - San Marcelino, Zambales

Mt. Pimmayong San Marcelino Zambales
Overlooking Mt. Bagang, Sto. Tomas River, and Lake Mapanuepe

I found myself with a group of hikers at a convenience store buying one liter of water in San Marcelino, Zambales. At four thirty in the morning, the town was still asleep. We were actually thirty minutes late on our planned schedule to Mt. Pimmayong day hike.

Mount Pimmayong San Marcelino Zambales
The lahar laden Sto. Tomas River

The Scenic Mt. Pimmayong

Mt. Pimmayong has an elevation of 657 meters above sea level located in Barangay Sta. Fe in San Marcelino, Zambales. This mountain in Zambales offers the view of Mt. Bagang, Mt. Balitog, and Mt. Bitnug to the East. To the southwest has the magnificent view of the Mt. Pundaquit; the Ramos Island and Camara Island as well as the famous Capones Island. The silhouetted Grande Island in Subic Bay is also visible in the south.

Pictures of Mt. Pimmayong
Down below is Barangay Sta. Fe in San Marcelino, Zambales
We rented a kuliglig that brought us to Barangay Sta Fe crossing the lahar laden Sto. Tomas River during sunrise. As the day broke, we witnessed the spectacular view of the red blood eastern sky just above the mountains bordering Zambales, Bataan, and Pampanga.

Mt. Pimmayong Train in Zambales
Having a short rest after our first thirty minutes of climb.

The Trail to Mt. Pimmayong's Peak

Our guide opted for the shortcut to the mountains' peak. We didn't take the rough road cleared by a bulldozer because, according to our guide, it will be a zigzag course on a rocky trail. The road was constructed for the mining operation in the area decades ago.

Mt. Pimmayong Pictures
We followed the trail used by cow herders.
We were glad we took the shortcut because it has a better view of the surrounding. The trail was steep most of the time but short breaks gave us the opportunity to take photographs. This trekking adventure I joined was the most photography-filled trip ever!

Sto. Tomas River San Marcelino, Zambales
A beautiful view of a river in Brgy. Sta. Fe

I am not a mountaineer but I observed the trail is easy and appropriate for beginners.

The three islands of San Antonio, Zambales (Ramos, Camara, and Capones)

Mt. Bagang San Marcelino Zambales
The lonely Mt. Bagang in the midst of lahar

Rice Paddies
Paddy Field in Sto. Tomas River

River's Delta in Zambales
Sto. Tomas River's delta in Sitio Liwliwa, San Felipe, Zambales

Contour Lines of a Mt. Pimmayong
You'll love the contour lines of this mountain.

Now let's showcase the pictures of Mt. Pimmayong Hikers.

Shiela the Korean noodles lover

Trekking Photography Zambales

Mt. Pimmayong Pictorial
Ric and his Nike shot

Mt. Pimmayong Pictorial in Zambales
Ric and his wife - the sweetest hikers ever!

Mt. Pimmayong Day Hike Photoshoot
Karl, the event organizer

Mt. Pimmayong Tour Guide
Karl and our local guides

Mt. Pimmayong San Marcelino Zambales
Manong overlooking the scenic view of Barangay Sta. Fe

How To Get to Mt. Pimmayong

Enough of spoiling your future fun by showing narcissistic pictures of our hiking. Now, here's how to get to Mount Pimmayong.

From Metro Manila, take a Victory Liner bus bound for Iba or Sta. Cruz, Zambales. Alight in San Marcelino town. Before taking the bus make sure you've already contacted San Marcelino Tourism Office. Upon alighting at San Marcelino town, a kuliglig will take you to the jump-off in Barangay Sta. Fe.

In our case, we contacted Ron, a villager whose number is 09303662603. I was impressed by his expertise in the area.

Mt. Pimmayong's Map


  1. Magnificent and looks like a very doable adventure.

  2. Thank you sir! You're right, its an easy one.

  3. how to get there po ? malapit lang po ba yan sa bayan ng san marcelino ?from subic lang po kasi ako .

    1. Hi Miharurei, malayo po. Need ng guide. Contact sa Marcelimo Tourism Office or Brgy Santa Fe Facebook Page.

  4. Hello, ilang oras po ang hike?

    1. Hi Cerise, Hiking to Mt. Pimmayong takes 2-3 hours depending on your pace.

  5. One of the best mountain we climbed. The views and scenery was totally great. I rate it 10/10.

    1. Really? Wow! I'm glad you enjoyed your climb at Mt. Pimmayong. You know what? I think we already climbed the peak of Mt. Tarudak without knowing we're there. Haha!

  6. pede po magamit pic nio sa event page?

    1. Hi Sir Carl,please use the contact form regarding this matter. We will answer you there in private.


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