Paite Falls - San Felipe, Zambales

Waterfalls in Zambales
The curtain-like torrent of Paite Falls

Nature trip? It was Paul, our tour guide on our Anghalo Falls visits a year ago who opened up about a private waterfall of Barangay Paite in San Felipe, Zambales.  It is situated in a private property of Sabangan Family who lives from a nearby barangay - Balingcaguing.  Since it is a private property we have to ask permission from the owner before visiting the place.  Fortunately, the owner's son is a friend of Paul so we got the clearance without a long wait.

How to Get to Banca Bancaan or Bangka Bangkaan Falls - Gordon Heights, Olongapo City

Banca Bancaan Falls or Bangka-Bangkaan Waterfalls is a nice place to go if you want to consider trekking and nature sightseeing in Olongapo City.  The location is Gordon Heights but I've heard some say it is a part of Balic-Balic, Barangay Sta. Rita.  It will be an hour trek from Blk 27 at Gordon Heights (starting point) to Banca-Bancaan.  

Now here's how to get to Banca Bancaan Falls

  1. From Olongapo City Public Market, go to Jollibee Triangle and ride a cream colored Jeep going to Gordon Heights Blk 27.  The fare is P9.00 Pesos.
  2. Upon reaching Blk 27 (starting point) ask the locals about the route to Banca-Bancaan. Easy!

Banca Bancaan Falls landmark
Katherine and her Farm - lol

Treasure Island, Olongapo City

Treasure Island Hotel and Restaurant
Treasure Island as seen from the road
Along the road that follows Baloy Beach in Barangay Barretto, Olongapo City lies Treasure Island. An ample parking lot is all you’ll see at first but when walking it you will find the resort on your right. A majestic weeping fig (or Benjamin's fig or Ficus tree) at the entry looks fresh and, in a way inviting. The outside area looks quite big and yet it is not overwhelming. The first thing I noticed was a large, nice shaped swimming pool and a huge bar. Good looking tables and comfortable chairs are inviting as well. So, the first impression was a good one. And we didn’t get disappointed. We started with just 2 refreshments while waiting for our friend D. who ordered breakfast. Since it was still relatively early in the morning there were no people in the pool and we decided to have a swim. The pool is very well maintained and has clear fresh water. And not only the pool was well maintained; the whole area was. A janitor goes around all the time checking if all is neat and proper, sweeping away the fallen leaves and small dead fruits from the Ficus tree.