Daddy Ed's Restaurant - Olongapo City

After a hectic day, my friend suggested that we would not cook this evening but go out for dinner instead. Always wondering where he will take me I was a bit surprised when we stopped at Daddy Ed’s place. The restaurant is located at the side of Olongapo Floodgate at East Bajac Bajac. Years ago it was situated at Subic Bay Freeport Zone and I guess the new location is better. Not too many people walking around and the sight of the river and the houses on the other side is pretty cool.
Upon entering the restaurant I noticed we would be the only guests and I remembered the first time we went there it was exactly the same. Coming from the road you enter a big garden first before approaching the restaurant. Frankly, it looks more like a huge canteen. In the middle, there’s a big space, separated by glass walls and my guess is that this can be used for conferences or private parties. We took seats in the far right corner. My friend picked the Sinigang Hipon (Shrimps in sour tamarind sauce) and I had eyes for the Ampalaya Bitter gourd with beef. I must say that it tasted very good, not bitter at all. My friend said his dish was acceptable but the Sinigang na Beef he ordered before was much better. 
Daddy Eds Restaurant
Daddy Eds Restaurant's Entrance
Daddy Ed's Restaurant
Not so enticing
Daddy Eds Restaurant
Inside Daddy Eds

Daddy Ed’s serves good food for affordable prices

If this is all you are looking for and you do not mind about a less cozy atmosphere I can definitely recommend it.  Oh, by the way, they have WiFi but the servers told us that their Boss has the password but he wasn't around that night.  How funny isn't it?

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The Mabanban Falls in San Antonio, Zambales

Waterfalls in San Antonio Zambales? You probably keyed in these words on Google Search, Yahoo, or Bing to look for possibilities for hiking and at the same time a swimming destination in this town. Well, I also did and came up with several hits like Pundaquit Falls, the Angeles or Capalngan, Mabanban, the waterfalls of Nagsasa and Silanguin, and the newly explored but unnamed waterfall by a blogger friend (you can check his website here). I picked the Mabanban Falls.

San Antonio's waterfalls
The Mabanban Falls

Guide to Sagpat Falls | Maloma Falls - San Felipe Zambales

Zambales Waterfalls
Sagpat Falls in San Felipe, Zambales

I will share our experience visiting a waterfall located in the same town where Anghalo Falls, Paite Falls, and Ubbog Falls lie. It is in a nearby barangay called Maloma - the northernmost barangay of San Felipe. I learned about Sagpat Falls from a friend on Facebook who lived in this town a few years ago before she moved to Manila.

Canding Falls or Kanding Falls - San Clemente Tarlac

On my last post, we were late to discover that there was a waterfall in Barangay Maasin. Now, let me share you our experience going to this waterfall the day after our swim at Canding River. The adventure started at 9:00 o'clock in the morning, an hour earlier than Canding River visit due to the fact that we had to trek. We also didn't have any idea on which path to take. The kid who informed us that there's a waterfall in Canding lives close to the river so we would just have to ask direction from there.

Waterfalls in Tarlac
The Canding Falls