New Feng Huang Seafood Restaurant

Shrimp Siomai Feng Huang Restaurant
New Feng Huang Shrimp Siomai
Today I was asked where I wanted to go for lunch and I was willing to try some place we hadn't been before. After using Google I came to New Feng Huang Seafood Restaurant. The pictures were attracting and although the reviews were not all that good I thought we should give it a try.

New Feng Huang Seafood Restaurant - Food Dude's Review

The restaurant belongs to a hotel and is supposed to be located at the back facing the seafront. However, since it is under construction it is on the upper floor temporarily. Truth be known, the place with all tables set looked nice although the tables are all big enough to give room for eight to ten people. A waitress gave us the menus and we made our choice. Manong Pundaquit opted for sizzling squid, Dorothy had Pork Belly in Fish Paste.

Pork recipe Feng Huang Restaurant
Dorothy's choice
The sweet and sour fish fillets had caught my eye. The appetizer was a basket with steamed shrimp. We did not have to wait long. I must admit that the presentation was good but soon enough we had our complaints. The squid was rubbery and my fish was just what it was. Nothing spectacular.

Feng Huang Restaurant Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet
What surprised me most was the fact that some people who obviously planned a birthday party were allowed to build up a small stage while people were trying to enjoy their lunch. The machine to fill up the balloons with air sounded like a drill and of course some ended up with a bang. I had read the reviews that the staff was very friendly. Well, they just did their job, nothing more and nothing less. One of them had a look in her eyes like she was about to kill somebody. Three men who were in control were casually dressed and that, combined with their attitude, made them look more like construction workers who were supposed to be downstairs. They were ordering waitresses around, pointing to the guests.

Sizzling Squid Feng Huang Restaurant
The rubbery Sizzling Squid

Mango Shake Feng Huang
Mango Shake was nothing special

Our conclusion was made after already 10 minutes. Never again.

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