Guide to Magalawa Island Palauig Zambales

Magalawa is an island barangay lying 6 kilometers, northwest of the Poblacion in the municipality of Palauig, Province of Zambales, Philippines. Surrounding the island is the vast China Sea. Beyond the north is the San Salvador Island of Masinloc and on the east is Sitio Luan, Lipay. It is known for beautiful beaches. Magalawa is 56 hectares in area.

Magalawa Island Sandbar
It's not too late for a summer escapade!

Pundaquit Falls – Side Trip to Zambales Islands and Coves

Pundaquit Falls Source
Does it look like the Pundaquit Falls?

Traveling to Zambales during summer is an awesome thing to do due to its grandiose beaches, islands, and coves. From Sta. Cruz' Hermana Menor Island in the north to Silanguin Cove in the south, this province is really abundant with places for summer getaways. Rain or shine, Pundaquit in San Antonio town has been an all-time favorite.

Food Dude at Subic Dumpling King Restaurant

Sometimes we get surprised in places where we don’t expect too much. It was a few days ago when my friends wanted to go to a new hotel that had a swimming pool on the rooftop, the Le Charme Suites. The place looked good but unfortunately, there was not a single place where we could sit in the shadow. During summer and around noon that is definitely not a good idea. 

Dumpling King Restaurant in Subic
Dumpling King

Silanguin Cove in San Antonio Zambales - Playing Tourist Adventure

Silanguin Cove Shoreline
Silanguin Cove's vast shoreline

San Miguel Beach San Antonio Zambales - A Weekender's Fun

Beach Flags at San Miguel Beach
The San Miguel Beach

About three kilometers from the town of San Antonio Zambales is the sandy beach of San Miguel. It is a part of the long stretch of Zambales shoreline facing the South China Sea. Its waters are clean because of its perfect location away from industrial cities; a fishing village famous for its abundance squid catch. Pusit  Festival (Squid Festival) was celebrated here during the months of April as well as Layag Festival. 

Grotto Falls San Felipe Zambales

Zambales Waterfalls
The Grotto or Cabaruan Falls

Another waterfall located in San Felipe Zambales - the Grotto or Cabaruan Falls, located in Barangay Feria. It is called Grotto because of the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary facing the plunge pool. So true that San Felipe town is blessed with waterfalls like Anghalo, Sagpat, and Paite. Maybe there's more hidden somewhere in its mountains waiting to be discovered.

All Hands Beach Resort - Subic Bay

All Hands Beach
All Hands Beach

Living in Olongapo City, Zambales means you have many resorts to visit that are close at hand. Last week a friend suggested to go to All Hands Beach. I had never ever heard of this resort and was keen on going there since I like to explore new places to go. The first thing I noticed was that there was not really a parking lot. Cars are parked on the side of the road. 

List of Churches in Zambales for Visita Iglesia

Visita Iglesia or Seven Churches Visitation is an activity done during the Lenten season. It is a religious tradition by Catholics on the evening of Maundy Thursday but some do it on daytime. In each church visit, a devotee will pray before the Blessed Sacrament. I guess it is timely to share my Zambales Churches' visit prior to the Lenten season to help you decide what church to visit. Monthly I visit churches, as a vow, thanking our God Almighty for surpassing all the hardships in life.

Church Visitations
Visita Iglesia devotee

Rosa Farms - A Side Trip to Zambales

Rosa Farm San Marcelino Zambales
Rosa Farm's

Last Saturday my friends had planned a trip to Rosa Farms, about an hour driving from our place. The days before I hadn’t been too well and I was still recovering so I told them “For your own good, it’s better if I stay home”. I know I can get grumpy if I’m not feeling well and cannot have a rest when I feel like having one. “But Frans, really; it is a must!” On FB I visited the Rosa Farms’ page where I read good reviews and saw many pictures. We decided to go the next day.

El Kabayo Waterfalls in Subic Bay

Plunge Pool
El Kabayo Falls 15-foot deep plunge pool

El Kabayo Falls is located in the forested area of Binictican in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales. It boasts two cascading waterfalls a few meters away from each other. The first level of the waterfalls is about five feet deep during the rainy season, the second is fifteen feet in depth. It is one of the major picnic grounds in Subic Bay where you can have a picnic and cook your own food. The latter will cost you additional expense, though.

Pacalat Dam - An Inexpensive Summer Adventure in Pangasinan

Swimming Area Pacalat Dam
The Pacalat Dam

Pacalat Dam is a reservoir found in Barangay Pacalat Mangatarem Pangasinan; an impounding dam in the vicinity of Mt. Mangatarem. Its use is to irrigate the nearby barangays for crop production especially rice. Aside from irrigation, it is also a dwelling place for locals and visitors from nearby towns during summer. Its waters are perfect for swimming, camping. This place is also a jump off when hiking to the summit of Mt. Mangatarem.

The Missing Meatballs

After a Sunday morning of doing thoroughly cleaning, the idea of going out for lunch was very appealing. We decided to go to Chopping Board, a place where we have been twice before and had good experiences. Much to our surprise, the restaurant was now called Crab and Belly. My first thought: “Who wants crabs and a belly?”

The Crab and Belly
The Crab and Belly Restaurant

Pasukulan Falls - A Hidden Gem of Mt. Natib in Bataan

Waterfalls in Bataan
Abucay Bataan's Hidden Gem
For mountaineers, Mt. Natib has been one of the favorite hiking places. A dormant volcano in the province of Bataan with an elevation of 1,253 meters above sea level (MASL). For waterfalls lovers, it is also a good choice because of its magnificent and towering 197 ft. Pasukulan Falls. This waterfall is the highest among the twelve known natural falls in Bataan, true gem, hidden in the heart of the forest of Mount Natib. The area is within Bataan Natural Park managed by Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Pasukulan Falls is located in Abucay, Bataan, though its hiking jump off is Brgy. Tala in the town of Orani.

Texas Joe's Riblets in Subic Bay - A Must Try!

Texas Joe's Subic Bay Riblets
Texas Joe's Riblets
Several times already we have been to Texas Joe’s House of Ribs in Subic Bay, Olongapo City not too far from Ayala Mall, Harbor Point. The place is really big as well inside as outside. Most of the times it is packed with people who enjoy fine dining. And that, of course, is why we like to go there. Sitting outside is lovely because there’s always a fresh breeze and if not the electric fans will the job. The menu is huge so one has many choices to pick from.

The Secret of Pias Falls in Camiling, Tarlac

Pias Falls in Tarlac - Its Secret
The Secret of Pias Falls
Pias Falls is located in Tarlac province, Barangay Papaac Camiling. Amongst the waterfalls in Tarlac, this is probably the least famous because its beauty only comes out during the rainy season. Its waters could be from the famous Ubod Falls or Timmanguyob Falls but not enough to create a perfect torrent during summer. But did you know it has a deep secret?

Cocolime Subic Bay - Where to Eat in Subic | Food Trip in Subic

Cocolime Subic Bay
The table is set
For several times I already had lunch with friends in Cocolime Specialty Asian Cuisine. This restaurant is located in Subic Bay Freeport Zone near Rizal Highway, and is almost attached to Harbor point Mall.

Ina Poon Bato – A Visit to The Miraculous Blessed Mother’s Shrine in Botolan, Zambales

It was my first road trip in Zambales with the company of friends with the same purpose – to visit all the municipal churches in this province. Ina Poon Bato was a shrine we visited in Botolan that has an interesting story that goes back to 1607 when Catholic missionaries started to spread Catholicism in the Philippines. It was said that missionaries heard about” The Miraculous Lady of the Aeta” and when they saw who the Aetas were worshipping, it was the “Blessed Virgin Mother” (click herefor the story).

Apo Apang Shrine in Botolan Zambales
The new Ina Poon Bato Shrine

Pizza Volante in Subic Bay

Grilled Fish at Pizza Volante
Delicious Grilled Tuna Fish
Yesterday I got this message on Facebook “We will have a Bulgarian visitor tonight from Couchsurfing”. Soon after that “Clean the house and the comfort room”. Sure. About one hour I had. Now I had cleaned the stairs and mopped the floor the day before but still, this kind of questions always make me kind of nervous. Until I got myself together. “What? Is the guy a Bulgarian prince or what?” 

Manleluag Hot Spring in Pangasinan

Manleluag Hot Spring is one of the famous hot springs of Pangasinan second to Balungao Hilltop. Manleluag hot spring is located in Barangay Malabobo Mangatarem, Pangasinan. This hot spring is inside the area of Manleluag Spring Protected Landscape and has been open to the public for quite some time. It was declared a national park in 1940 and managed by Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Manleluag Hot Spring
The Hot Spring

Wimpy's Restaurant - Olongapo City

Where to Eat in Subic? Well, read on.

Wimpy's Subic Pork Chop Dinner